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100 Baños de Soledad: The Beer Spa You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

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Have you ever heard of a beer spa? It's a unique experience that can only be found in a few places throughout the world, and one of them is Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Spas are the perfect place to relax, and having a drink is another perfect way to relax. So why not mix the two? This genius idea was created in Scotland, and has spread to a few places throughout the world. What we really want to know though, is why aren't there more throughout the world yet?!

We recently had a very special experience at "100 Baños de Soledad", and are excited to share it with you. So keep reading to see why this. is a must do experience if you are visiting Buenos Aires.

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The Story Behind the Beer Spa Experience

The name of the experience actually comes from the famous 1967 novel "100 años de Soledad" which means 100 years of solidarity. Instead of años they use a play on the word with "Baños" which means baths in Spanish.

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The spa itself is called Tedelupulo, and they offer plenty of other different types of experiences as well. However, we're here to share what our experience was, and why we think it is something to add to your bucket list.

Beer spas can be found in a few other areas of the world such as Czechia, Hungary, Austria, Iceland, and Oregon, USA. Tedelupulo is Argentina's first beer spa, and the first one in all of South America.

Tedelupulo Beer Spa BA

The Tedelupulo Spa is special because it is Argentina's first beer spa.

How Long is the Beer Spa Experience?

The full experience is for a period of a little under two hours. Experiences are booked on a 2 hour window, starting in the lobby, and finishing with a personalized goodbye with a special gift upon leaving.

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What to Expect at the Beer Spa in Buenos Aires

Wondering exactly what to expect for your beer spa experience? Here is a detailed overview of how your appointment will go.

Before The Beer Spa Experience

When you first show up, you will see a large black garage door on a pretty quiet street. It definitely doesn't seem inviting, but once you enter it is a whole new experience.

entrance to Tedelupulo Spa

The entrance for the beer spa is quite peculiar, but the inside holds a magical spot.

The Waiting Area

You shouldn't arrive early, as the waiting area is only for a minute or two while the staff finish preparing your experience. While you wait there will be a record playing, and you can enjoy the beauty of the quirky decor around the entrance.

Lobby beer spa Teledulupo

The lobby plays records and has a unique style.

The Welcome Shot

The firs thing to expect is a shot of a homemade alcoholic beverage. "Meads" is known to be the first ever recorded alcoholic beverage in history! It is made from honey, yeast, and hops. The shot is rather smooth and tasty, and is 13% alcohol.

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The Fitting Room

Now you will be given a fitting room with bathroom and area to keep your belongings. There are black robes given to each person. Change into your swimwear and robe to get ready for your very own beer spa experience to begin.

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The Beer Spa Pin
Beer Spa Pin
The Beer Spa Pin

The Beer Spa Experience in Buenos Aires

Now you are ready to start your beer spa experience! The host will explain everything you need to know about the whole process before you begin. You will also be given a jug of water to hydrate throughout your experience.

The Scottish Shower

The first thing you will do is wash off in the special Scottish shower. There are tons of different settings to enjoy, but don't touch any buttons just yet! Now is just the time to wash off before going into the sauna.

Scottish shower

The Scottish shower has several different hydro massage settings.

Picking Fragrances

When you walk in you will notice a mirror with several glass perfume bottles lined up across the front of it. There are an array of fragrances here to choose from. The reason for this, is because you will be able to infuse your sauna with one of them!

fragrances beer spa BA

There are a number of fragrances to choose from to infuse into your sauna.

Relaxing in the Sauna

Now that you have chosen your frangrance and are washed off, you can enter the sauna. The sauna is a pleasantly warm and dry room, that will melt all of your troubles away. You can either sit, or there is enough room to lie down.

The host will fill a hot tea pot with water infused with the fragrance of your choice, so that you can add a unique a soothing smell to your experience.

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There is an hour glass inside which you will turn over, and you will have 10-15 minutes to enjoy the sauna. Meanwhile, the host will be drawing your bath, and preparing you with some snacks and beverages to enjoy.

Sauna Spa Tedelupulo

The sauna is big enough to sit or lie down, and has moderately warm temperatures.

Soaking in the Bath

Once the hour glass had finished, you can now get out and get into the bath. The host will come and get you so that she can invite you to the bathtub, and explain the array of snacks and the choices of beer.

There is enough room for two to enjoy the warm waters, beers, and the tray of food. The assortment comes with 2 small glasses of fresh smoothies, cubes of cheese dipped in breading and beer, and two fried snacks made with mozzarella and a pinch of curry.

cien banos de soledad experiencia

Relax in the bathtub with an array of snacks and jug of beer in hand.

The host will bring you large jugs of homemade beer with 4 different choices. You can choose between an IPA, APA, Honey beer, and Scottish blend. You will also be given a bell in order to call the host to order more beer if you wish.

Foot Massage & Scottish Shower

Now that you have been able to relax and have a couple of drinks and snacks you are ready for the next step in the beer experience.

Being that this experience is normally for couples, there will be one person getting a relaxing foot massage, and the other will be taking advantage of the hydro massage inside of the Scottish shower.

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Enjoying Dessert

Now that are are truly at your most relaxed point, you can dry off and have a glass of water while the host grabs your last surprise. The experience finishes off with truffles made with dried fruits and cocoa, as well as a homemade porter to go along with your truffle.

You will have 10 to 15 minutes to relax and enjoy the end of the experience, until the host invites you to finish before going back to the fitting room.

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Finishing the Beer Spa Experience

The experience is done, and now you will be able to change back into your clothes and say your goodbyes.

But there is one last surprise! The host will gift you a special malt that you can take home with you to create your own crafted beverages!

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How Much Does the Beer Spa Experience in Buenos Aires Cost?

Doesn't this experience sound incredible? Well if this was anywhere else in the world, you would expect to pay quite a hefty price for all of this.

But this entire beer spa package in Buenos Aires just costed 5,200 pesos/person, which is about $25 USD, or $50 per couple. (Keep in mind due to inflation the price will be very different in pesos now, but around the same price in USD).

Want to know about the rest of the experiences that you can book? Check out the list of the other different packages that they offer!

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How to Make Reservations For the Beer Spa Experience in Buenos Aires

The beer spa experience of "100 Baños de Soledad" that we had done is available from Tuesday to Friday. The time slots are 11;00 am, 1:30 pm, 4:00, 6:00, and 9:00 pm. Reservations need to be made in advance, at least 72 hours before.

Note: The beer spa is also open on weekends for different experiences that you can find on their site.

Cien Banos de Soledad Beer Spa experience

Cien Banos de Soledad is one of many experiences that Tedelupulo Spa offers.

So are you ready for this unique beer spa experience? We are sure that this is something that you will love, and are excited to have been given such an incredible gift!

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