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The photo book has hard front and back covers, with high quality photo paper.

Here’s a Super Unique Valentine’s Day Gift For Travelers

Looking for a super unique Valentine's Day gift for your loved one? Well, this is perfect for all of the travelers out there, and is the first of its kind! 

Welcome to a brand new type of photo book. This is the Personalized Country Photo Book. Each page is dedicated to a different destination that the person has traveled. It includes the name of the country, specialized backgrounds, the country's flag, and even a box of data about each place.

We have worked countless hours to make sure that this gift covers every important detail. We love how it came out, and we know you will too! Have questions? Well, keep reading to learn more about this unique Valentine's Day gift that you can purchase for your loved one.

A Unique Valentine's Day Gift for Travelers: Who Can I Buy This For?

The best part about this gift is that it can be for anyone! You can purchase a photo book simply for someone who loves to travel solo, your own travel partner or significant other, or your family. The possibilities are endless! This is one of the most unique Valentine's Day gifts because it can be for anyone that you love.

unique Valentine's Day Gift, photo book

This photo book is great for friends, family, or a significant other.

A Unique Valentine's Day Gift for Travelers: What's Included

Each photo book includes up to 30 pages. Each country has two pages, and can be consolidated to one if  there are a smaller amount of photos to share.

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The first page has a personalized map that is filled in with the countries that the traveler has visited. You can also personalize the title, and add pictures scattered throughout the map.

front page country travel photo book, unique Valentine's Day gift

The first page comes with a map of everywhere the traveler has been.

The back page will finish the book with a heart in the sand, and a quote. We already included one ourselves, but you can always change it or add your very own message.

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A Unique Valentine's Day Gift for Travelers: Materials Used

All photo books are 11" by 8.5" and have a hard front and back cover. Buyers can personalize both covers with the photos of their choice, and Include a title with the person's name or the group of people that are included in the book. Pages are all high quality, and print on glossy photo paper.

unique Valentine's Day Gift: Photo Book by Scratch Your Mapa

The photo book has hard front and back covers, with high quality photo paper.

A Unique Valentine's Day Gift for Travelers: Price

The price of the book is $99.99 plus shipping and handling. However, for Valentine's Day, there is a special promotion of 20% off!

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Book cover 2021

Add Ons

Photo books include a total of 30 pages, but can go up to 200 pages. Each extra page is 95 cents (USD).

Buyers can add special captions to each page, as well as under each photo included, for a small extra charge of $14.99.

Photo Book by Scratch Your Mapa, unique Valentine's Day gift

Captions on the pictures or quotes can be added for a small charge.

The Top Valentine's Day Gift for Travelers: Shipping

We are happy to announce that this unique Valentine's Day gift is not only available today, but it also has global shipping! We have production centers scattered throughout the world, so shipping rates don't vary greatly, and are affordable for everyone.

All Your Travels

in One Book

Transform your travel memories into a unique book, with personalized pages, country by country.

Shipping Time

The time to expect for shipping is from 5-7 business days, once the product is complete. We suggest having the photos, list of countries, and possible captions or titles ready upon order. This way we can have the production process starting right away.

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The Most Unique Valentine's Day Gift for Travelers: How to Get Yours

Want to get this incredibly unique Valentine's Day gift for a loved one? Well, it's simple! All you have to do is head to our shop to buy yours today. 

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email with all of the instructions to start the production process. You just need a list of countries along with some high quality photos to include.

Each page supports from 3-10 photos, so we can make it work with any number that you have!

unique Valentine's Day Gift for travelers

Each country includes stats, flags, and graphics of each destination.

Now that you know everything, what are you waiting for? Go to our shop to get started for the purchasing your super unique Valentine's Day gift!

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