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The Pillow Travel Case is for any type of traveler.

The Ultimate Travel Gift & Airport Hack: The Pillow Travel Case

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Ever get to the boarding gate and get told you have to pay extra for your carry on? How about not being able to get comfy on the plane? Well, our brand new product is just for you! Meet the  Pillow Travel Case™. It’s comfy, compact, and the answer to your travel problems.

Just fresh on the shelves, this is our first batch of pillow cases, and there is only a limited number for this 2022 holiday season! Here is all you need to know:

What Exactly is the Pillow Travel Case™?

This isn't any ordinary pillow case. This one has been specifically designed to open up and store your clothing while packing for a trip. Because airlines let pillows pass as an extra item, this has been made so that you don't have to pay extra for another item on your flight. Instead of purchasing a carry on, you can simply put your belongings into the Pillow Travel Case™, zip it up, and bring it straight to the airport. 

Pillow Travel Case

The History Behind the Project of the Pillow Travel Case™

After traveling for years on end, and being on hundreds of flights, we found that we are always struggling to meet the luggage requirements. Whether we are on a long trip and had too much equipment, bought too many things while traveling, or simply couldn't afford to fork over an extra $60-100, this has been a constant issue for us. So we had to find a way! 

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Previously, we used to put layers and layers of clothing on top to lighten the load of our carry-on items. While that may work to a certain extent, it isn't the most comfortable, and there is definitely a limit to how much you can put on without getting extremely hot, or some weird looks  from others throughout the airport.

We learned this hack that you can stuff a pillow case with your clothing, and get away with it! We had to try, and we found that we loved the trick! But it still wasn't ideal. The cotton pillow cases we bought got super lumpy, and looked really awkward and obvious. There also wasn't a closing, so clothing was spilling everywhere!

Pillow Travel Case

We've added a zipper to make sure the clothing stays inside!

Our Solution

It was at this moment we had our idea- to create a pillow case that would actually serve the purpose for travelers, and not just be any old pillow case you'd strip off your pillow at home.

We knew we had to make a product that would cover all the bases, and look as natural as possible, with keeping its practicality. We scoured the market for the perfect material, and tried different sizes, shapes, and designs to create the perfect Pillow Travel Case™ for all travelers out there. Low and behold, we finally created a product that we are super proud of!

Pillow Travel Case

Producing the Pillow Travel Case™

Now we have our idea becoming a reality. Here is everything that we put into consideration to make the perfect Pillow Travel Case™


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Materials Of the Pillow Travel Case™

We realized we needed a material that would cover up the lumps, but not be too thick; one that would be stylish and versatile, and of course- one that would be comfortable! That's when we found our faux fur, which we decided 4 different neutral colors for our travelers. The Pillow Travel Case™ currently comes in tan, grey, light pink, and white. We will also be looking at expanding our color selection for college students, so they can rep their school colors (which will be in the near future).

Pillow Travel Case beige
Pillow Travel Case grey
Pillow Travel Case pink
Pillow Travel Case white

The Pillow Travel Case™ comes in 4 different colors.

The pillow case zips up and is stretchy to fit your belongings, and the fabric has been strategically chosen to not show any lumps, for an even and discreet look.

Pillow Travel Case zipper

There is a zipper on the pillow case to keep your items secure.

Production of the Pillow Travel Case™

Another thing that is very important to us at Scratch Your Mapa, is making sure that we are ethically producing our products. We strive to support small businesses, and work in the most efficient way to save our planet.

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Pillow Travel Case Pin
Pillow Travel Case Pin
Pillow Travel Case Pin

For that reason we have decided to completely extinguish the idea of anything that has to do with a factory. This is something that will help reduce pollution, and increase quality. All of our pillow cases have been handmade by women in Argentina, so that we can continue to support locals, rather than factories that don’t care about quality, nor workers’ rights. Each Pillow Travel Case is made with love and care. Our aim is to help travelers all over the world, as well as supporting locals to make the world a better place.

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Who is the Pillow Travel Case™ For?

The Pillow Travel Case™ is for anyone out there who wants to save money, or have a comfortable travel experience. This product has no age, gender, or physical restriction to anybody. We want a world where all people can be comfortable, efficient, and happy during their travels. So these are the perfect travel accessories for men, women, and children.

Pillow Travel Case
Pillow Travel Case

The Pillow Travel Case is for any type of traveler.

How Much is the Pillow Travel Case™?

When choosing our price, we wanted to make sure that we were giving a high quality product, but keeping the price affordable for our buyers. The Cost of the Pillow Travel Case™ covers is only slightly higher than the cost to make it. This is because we wanted to ensure that we were being environmentally friendly, and supporting small businesses. 

Our Pillow Travel Case™ is just $29.99, and $49.99 for two. That's a fraction of the price of what even one carry on would cost on a flight! 

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The Pillow Travel Case™ Shipping & Handling

Because we are a small business, we have to take care of shipping and handling 100% on our own. Due to this, the shipping is only currently available in the US. Prices outside the US for small packages range anywhere from $50-$200, and we certainly didn't want to ask our customers to fork out that kind of money. While we remain this size, we will be offering to ship our Pillow Travel Case to all 50 states, and having our customers just pay for half of the charge.

We are based in New Jersey and New York, and shipping costs us normally from $5-10, so we charge a flat shipping rate of $5, no matter where in the US you are located.

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So are you ready to buy this incredible travel gift for your friends and family? Remember it's only available in a limited amount for the holiday season, so get yours today!

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