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45 of the Best Gifts for Travelers

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Getting the perfectly unique gift for travelers out there can be tough, but we're here to help! There are so many cool things out there that it can be hard to choose. Here are 45 of the best gifts for travelers that you can get for your loved ones!

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow, best gifts for travelers

When it comes to getting a special gift for travelers, this is one of the most popular picks. However, this particular pillow is one of the best gifts for travelers, because it's a unique one!

Having a neck pillow to travel with, whether it's for flights, trains, or long car or bus rides, is a great way to be able to rest up while traveling. But this isn't just any travel pillow, it's a pillow in which can be moved into different positions, making it comfortable for wherever you are!

Pillow Travel Case, best gifts for travelers

The Pillow Travel Case is the ultimate airport hack that can save you tons of money!

If you're looking for an even more unique gift, then here is our very own Scratch Your Mapa product! The Travel Pillow Case is one that you can stuff with your own clothes, so that you can skip paying for a carry on item, as well as stay comfy during your flight. If this isn't one of the best gifts for travelers, then we don't know what is!

We've written a full article for any questions you may have about this item, which you can read below.

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Passport case, best gifts for travelers

Protecting you passport is essential, as it is the most important document. The best way to keep it protected is by having a good cover. We love this one because you can personalize it, making it a truly unique gift for travelers you are shopping for.

4. Wooden World Map 

This is one of the best gifts for travelers out there who want to spruce up they home! The stunning wooden map comes in tons of different shades, sizes, and types. It's easy to put together, and comes with everything you need to attach it safely to the wall.

wooden map, best gifts for travelers

XXL Wooden map with pins

Get your very own wooden world map ( Shop EnjoyTheWood ) by clicking here!

5. Eye Mask

Eye Mask, best gifts for travelers

When traveling, it can be hard to get some proper rest. Having an eye mask can help you catch up on some sleep at any time of the day! Our favorite is the IMAK compression pain relief mask, because it was designed to provide relief from migraine headaches, tension headaches, sinus pain and eyestrain.

packing cubes, best gifts for travelers

We love packing cubes because they're an excellent way to stay organized when packing. They are great for keeping your items separate, even when you luggage is all jumbled. We love these BAGAIL ones because there 8 cubes of all different sizes and shapes, for all your travel needs.

Vacuum Seal Bags, best gifts for travelers

When weight doesn't matter, the more you can fit into your bag the better! This is one of the best gifts for travelers who always overpack. The best way of saving space is by using these vacuum seal bags. They suck out all of the air, compressing your clothes. This way you can really get the most out of your space!

Have you ever though what would your travel essentials be? when you're traveling, there's certain situations you want to be prepared for. Here you will find a list of what we found out to be absolute necessary items.What to pack? That's the biggest question when preparing for a trip. No

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travel liquid containers, best gifts for travelers

When traveling, carrying large shampoo and conditioner bottles can be just a waste of space and weight. Many people buy mini versions from the store, but that ends up adding up if you're a big traveler.

The best way to save money and space is by purchasing these travel size containers! You can use a variety of bottles, and label them as well.

travel blow dryer, best gifts for travelers

Not every hotel is equipped with a blow dryer, so it's great to be able to carry a small one with you on your travels. We like this one because it is super compact and lightweight, making it easier to pack than most. This is one of the best gifts for travelers that don't book themselves large resorts that include a blow dryer. 

mini straightener and curling iron, best gifts for travelers

When going on a quick trip, bringing a big straightener isn't always necessary. That's why we love having this mini one by L'ANGE to take around with us.

The great thing is that this unique gift for travelers is a 2-in-1 straightener and curling iron, and it heats up to 400 degree! This is one of the gifts for travelers who want to always look good but not sacrifice the space.

Foldable Water Bottle, best gifts for travelers

It's always important to stay hydrated when traveling! We love this water bottle because it's eco-friendly and much better for the environment than buy plastic bottles. Not only that, but it folds up when it's empty so that it takes up less space! This is one of the best gifts for travelers who want to help the environment.

thermal water bottle, best gifts for travelers

This is definitely one of the best gifts for travelers, no matter what type. When traveling to really hot destinations, one of our pet peeves is having warm water. This water bottle is great because it is reusable, and holds the temperature of the liquid that is put into it.

It's perfect for those long hikes, beach days, or desert heat. Not only that, but it's great for cold weather too if you want to keep hot coffee or tea inside.

hammock, best gifts for travelers

We love having this hammock because it's easy to travel with and folds up into a small pouch. It comes with strings so you can safely attach it anywhere within just minutes! This is one of the best gifts for travelers who want to sit and enjoy the nature around them,

scratch map, best gifts for travelers

This is one of our favorites for travel lovers! Hang this anywhere and scratch off the places you've been. A fun way to keep track of the places you've visited. We love the world map, but there are also maps for all countries that include different states and provinces.

In addition, this unique gift for travelers is exactly what inspired our name Scratch Your Mapa!

Dune Jewelry , best gifts for travelers

We absolutely love this company! They fill different pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets with an element of your choice.

Danni filled hers with black sand from a beach in Iceland and pink sand from a beach in Bermuda that she visited. It's the perfect way to carry your memories with you, and have a beautiful piece of jewelry!

Kodak camera & printer, best gifts for travelers

The polaroid camera is back and better than ever! This is one of the best gifts for travelers who want to have some fun shots and have them printed on the spot. We love this particular one by Kodak because it is much more compact than the original Polaroid or Fujifilm cameras, and has great quality.

wrinkle release spray, best gifts for travelers

It's inevitable that our clothes wrinkle throughout our travels. Having this spray takes out the majority of wrinkles and keeps our clothes fresh when on the go. Tom & Sheri's spray is travel size, plant based, and the perfect alternative to ironing.

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Luggage Scale, best gifts for travelers

We always have overweight luggage! Having this portable scale really helps to prevent us from overpacking, and keeping us ready so we don't have to repack once we go to check out luggage.

This is another one of the best gifts for travelers who tend to pack heavy! Our personal choice is by Etekcity because it it compact and digital.

Pocket Towel-  best gifts for travelers

Towels take up a lot of room, and when visiting places such as hostels or camping, it's definitely a necessity to bring one. We love this because the towel folds up super tiny, barely taking up any space! The towels also dry pretty quickly, making them great for those who bounce from one place to another.

Canga, best gifts for travelers

Cangas are light and can be used for a number of things.

This is our number one travel essential, as it is pretty much good for anything! Brazilian cangas are super thin, but large. They fold up to be super tiny, but can be big enough to wrap around you, or to lie on the beach. They're cheap, light, and come in a large variety 0f colors and prints.

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camera lens for phone, best gifts for travelers

If you don't have a professional camera, or simply don't want to carry it around everywhere, these lenses are amazing because they are tiny, and attach right to the lens of your phone!

This gives you the opportunity to turn your phone into a professional camera in just seconds! This kit comes with lenses for all different shots, making it the best gifts for travelers on the go.

Mpow phone waterproof case photography, best gifts for travelers

We love this because it's an easy and affordable way to protect your phone. For those of those who don't have a GoPro, or want to do stories and use apps from their phone near the water, this is a great option.

The pouch protects you phone, and also has a lanyard attached so you can put it around your neck, or easily attach it to your clothing.

Travel Adapter, best gifts for travelers

This is not only useful, but essential for traveling to different continents! This adapter can convert to outlets for all around the world, and not only converts the outlet, but also the energy (which is extremely important so you don't ruin your electronics with high voltage).

We love the one by Sokoo because of its size and ability to convert voltage,

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Power Bank Anker, best gifts for travelers

There's nothing worse than running out of battery on your phone, GoPro, or other electronics while traveling. Power banks can save you when you'll be out in nature for hours with no chance to recharge.

We love this one by Anker because it is extremely long lasting and high quality. You can also make a personalized one for an extra special touch, making it one of the most practical and thoughtful gifts for travelers.

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Power Surge, best gifts for travelers

If you have lots of technology and photography equipment this is a great investment! A power surge can fold up and be plugged in to connect multiple devices at once. This power surge from POWERGENCE has 2 outlets and 4 USBs, and is good for European and American outlets, making it doubly useful!

Infinity scarf

This scarf isn't just fashionable, but is great because of a special feature it has. The zipper compartment is perfect for holding your passport and other small valuables so that they don't get misplaced or stolen while traveling.

Toiletry bag

Keeping your toiletries separate from the rest of your things is important. What better way than to be able to keep and organize them all in one spot? Having a hanging toiletry bag doesn't only keep everything organized, but also has it easily accessible for anything you need while in the bathroom.

Travel Planner, best gifts for travelers

This is one of the best gifts for travelers who love to plan! Speaking from personal experience, having things written physically down may seem antiquated, but it definitely feels more productive.

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We love having a planner where we can organized all of our plans, as well as choose photo spots, outfits, and confirmation numbers.

smart reusable notebook, best gifts for travelers

Having a notebook to track your travels is super helpful, but this is a step up. Rocketbook's  Smart Reusable Notebook is one where you can write with an enable pen, scan your pages, and then upload them digitally into a document. This is the best gift for travelers, especially for those that travel for long periods of time like we do.

Digital nomads, remote workers, and frequent travelers will love this unique travel gift, and it will also help save the planet. Win-win!

Portable speaker

When on the road, whether you're partying in the hotel, riding around on a gold cart, or lounging on the beach, music is always great to be surrounded by! Having a portable speaker is super convenient, and adds a lot of fun to any where you may be.

Kindle, best gifts for travelers

For long flights or car rides, it's always great to be occupied to make the time go by. Kindles have thousands of books to keep you entertained for hours, as well as to keep your brain moving!

jewelry organizer, best gifts for travelers

When bringing jewelry on your travels, the last thing you want is for everything to be jumbled together and have a tangled mess. A jewelry box is definitely too big and bulky to bring for travelers, so having a compact organizer is the perfect way to keep your jewelry safe and in order.

nanopresso, best gifts for travelers

Coffee is essential for many, especially those that are on the move! This coffee press is portable and quickly brews coffee on the go. It is small and only needs hot water.

Pink Dot Thessaloniki Greece

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As coffee lovers, we always enjoy the energy of caffeine. It helps us get the best free travel guides out there for you! 😄

No filters, no pot, no mess, this is a truly unique for travelers who are also coffee lovers!

smart luggage tag, best gifts for travelers

Having luggage tags of your own adds style to your baggage, and also helps to make sure that it is easily recognizable. But this isn't any luggage tag, it actually has a bar code on it so that your information can be scanned in the event that your suitcase is lost. This is the best gift for travelers that want to have a piece of wind while checking their luggage.

portable umbrella, best gifts for travelers

Unfortunately the weather isn't always perfect during our travels. We always keep a small umbrella with us to save us in case the weather is not in our favor. We love this one because it is compact, and doesn't take up a lot of space, but is also wind proof and reversible.

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first aid kit, best gifts for travelers

Along with weather being unpredictable, so are accidents! We're not saying to have an entire medicine cabinet with you, but having a small first aid kid with the essentials can help if you have any cuts while hiking or are far from a place where you can be bandaged up. We love this one because it's super compact, and in a water proof case.

solar charger, best gifts for travelers

Power banks are extremely helpful when you're somewhere and there are no outlets around. But what's even more helpful? A power bank that is charged by solar power!

This is a step up for the unique gift for travelers who enjoy the outdoors, They will really enjoy being full of battery, especially when in nature. making a great gift for any traveler.

Travel Piggy Bank

We all love to save up money, and there's nothing more than a traveler likes to save up for than future travels! Get them this piggy bank so they can put their spare money to go towards a future trip.

Cocktail travel kit

While on the road, sometimes we need a drink (or two). Being prepared with this travel cocktail making kit is perfect to make your own drinks with friends, without needing to have a whole stocked bar.

Water purifier pen

When traveling there are going to be times when tap water won't be drinkable. This tool purifies 1 liter of water in 90 seconds. This not only represents money saving for you, but also helps the environment by preventing people from buying so many plastic water bottles.

Bonus: You can get a stainless steel water bottle that comes with a built-in UV cleaner to purify your water with a touch of a button. It's really cool!

This is definitely a unique gift for travelers that is also great for the environment!

flight phone mount, best gifts for travelers

On a flight and there are no TVs? Want to watch something on your phone but don't want to hold it for hours? This phone mount is a unique gift for travelers because it is great for flights or trains. It attaches to the top of the seat so you can enjoy watching anything from your phone hands free.

phone tripod, best gifts for travelers

When traveling there isn't always someone to take our picture. Having this tripod for your phone is very useful and also very practical due to its size, making it a great unique gift for travelers who like solo adventures.

small backpack, best gifts for travelers

When traveling it's always great to have a small backpack to go out for the day, on a hike, or to the beach. We love this backpack because it doesn't take up a lot of room, but can carry just enough for a day out exploring.

Unique Gift for travelers: Photo Book by Scratch Your Mapa

The photo book has hard front and back covers, with high quality photo paper.

This is our absolute favorite unique gift for travelers out there! Why exactly? Because it is our very own creation that we have worked so hard on.

The photo book is personally created for your travel buddy with pictures from each country you travel together. Pages are alphabetically ordered and on high quality photo paper. The countries include backgrounds, flags, special graphics, and information about the destination.