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19 Good Things 2020 Has Brought

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Let's be honest, 2020 has been no walk in the park. As a planet we've gone through some pretty horrific things- bush fires killing vast areas of nature and animals, riots and violence due to racism, and a global pandemic killing thousands, and putting the world into an economic crisis.

We can't deny that Earth has undergone some real tragedies, but with every storm comes a rainbow, and we truly believe that the world will come out a better place after all that we've gone through together.

We certainly don't want to downplay the terrible things that have occurred, but we do want to show everyone that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and bring out some of the positives that 2020 has brought to us. Here are some that may not make everything go away, but 19 things that will hopefully spread awareness, hope, and positivity.

1. We Spend More Time With Our Families


Forcing people to stay home has allowed us to spend quality time with our families. While working from home may be more challenging, it is definitely not the worst thing in the world. Especially for parents and small children, there is a lot more opportunity to enjoy each other's company and become a more tight-knit family than ever before.

Having a strong emphasis on work is extremely important, but nothing is more important than family! While there are a lot of countries that already have a stronger emphasis on spending time as a family, hopefully many other places around the world will learn from this, and adopt the same family values.

2. Our World is Healing

himalayas 2020

Humans have put a pretty big dent on the health of the planet. While it's not something we can change overnight, we have definitely been able to improve. Pollution levels have decreased drastically in such a short period of time, so much so, that in certain places throughout the world, mountains that were never visible before, can now be seen from cities.

With less flights going out, and less cars on the road, our air quality will increase (or at least not get as bad). Hopefully seeing how much we impact the Earth, this will be a big eye-opener for businesses. If people can work more from home, there will be so many less toxic emissions from cars, trains, and buses each day. Although just a small change, it can certainly make an impact.

3. Waters are Becoming Clearer

Venice 2020

Not only are air pollution levels lower, but so are the oceans'. With the decrease of ships sailing around, many places are seeing bluer waters, and marine life returning. The water in Venice is clearer than ever, and there have even been dolphins seen! 

4. People Have Been Enjoying Their Home Cities More

NYC 2020


We will be the first to say that we are itching to travel so much! However, with the restrictions in place, we all need to find a different way to enjoy our vacations. While many people wouldn't normally spend as much time home, all of those people are learning how to appreciate the beauty of where they live, and discovering new parts of their home cities.

Without all of the tourists, big city locals can truly relax and enjoy all that their city has to offer! For example, Romans who wouldn't normally be caught dead in the crowds of the Trevi Fountain or the Colosseum, can now enjoy them, since there aren't a million tourists around.

5. People Are Connecting More With Nature

central park 2020


It sure has been crazy with so many establishments closed. Although we feel for those businesses, it's a nice fresh breath of air that people are finding other ways to enjoy themselves. Instead of heading to the movies or going to night clubs, people are outside enjoying what nature has to offer.

6. We are Reconnecting With Each Other

zoom calls 2020

This world we live in is so chaotic, and with long work hours and endless errands, there sometimes isn't time in the day to keep relationships alive with certain people. With so many people sitting at home, they are reaching out to old friends that they may have lost contact with. and rebuilding friendships.

Virtual trivia, zoom chats, and social media have become that much more popular, and even though we are lacking the face-to-face interaction, we are definitely still connecting with one another. Physical distancing doesn't need to mean social distancing, so keep on connecting!

7. People are Becoming Educated

BLM 2020

Who would have thought it would take a global pandemic to get people to wash their hands? Who would have thought that a country would have to go up in flames for people to start taking global warning seriously? And Who would have thought that it would take rioting to get the issue of racism to become noticed? 

If it's one thing that 2020 did, it was bringing a lot of issues to everyone's attention. In a perfect world we would already have been prepared not just to react, but to work to prevent these things from happening. However, we have hope that these tragedies have opened people's eyes, and will help everyone make better choices.

8. Creativity is Booming


While these have surely been some inconvenient times, they have definitely pushed people's creative sides into action. Businesses have learned how to work in different ways to succeed, gym rats have found different ways to stay in shape, and individuals everywhere have found ways to creatively use their time, as well as their resources.

Boundaries may have been pushed, but great ideas are being born, and innovation is on the rise. Give it some time, but we will soon experience some really great things born from this very trying period!

9. We are Becoming Stronger

stronger 2020

As we said, these times are trying, and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! We may have had to work harder to make things work, but if we can get through times like this, than we can get through anything right?!

10. Pets Feel More Love

Pet love

With all the time spent home, you know who is probably the happiest? Your pets! Now is the time to get in that extra attention and give your furry friends the love they deserve, because they are appreciating these times more than you could even imagine.

11. A Good Test for Relationships

relationships covid 2020


Being in quarantine with someone can be pretty intense. It's inevitable, but when you spend that amount of time with someone, you can definitely bump heads from time to time. While we're not saying it's necessarily healthy to spend 24/7 with someone, it's definitely a good test to spend a lot of time with someone to see if you are truly compatible.

Maybe you stayed with your boyfriend for a few weeks or months in quarantine and it led to a nasty break up. Of course this isn't positive in the moment, but wouldn't it be better to find out now than later? 

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12. More Home Cookin'

home cooking 2020

There's nothing like a good home cooked meal, and with everyone home more, and less options to dine out, there's no better time than now to get creative in the kitchen. People have had the opportunity to learn new recipes, and spend more meals with their family.

13. We've Given Our Bodies the Chance to Rejuvenate

rejuvenation 2020


Being home all the time, people were deprived of certain things that we once took for granted such as getting our hair or nails done. Not dying your hair, getting acrylics on your nails, or caking on makeup everyday is a great chance for you skin, hair, & nails to recover from the damage that is caused, and when things are back to normal you will be that much more beautiful!

14. People are Becoming Less Shallow

covid love 2020

This may sounds weird, but have you ever noticed that people seem extra anxious to meet other people? As humans, we naturally can't help but crave attention and love, and being that we were all prevented from doing so, made people desperate to get out there and have these small interactions.

Even with a mask over half your face, you may have someone trying to ask you out, or even just converse in general. People seem more inclined to become involved with someone that they normally wouldn't, which means they will hopefully start to get to know someone for who they are, not just by a shallow first glance, giving us hope for some real true love.

15. People are Becoming Less High Maintenance

spa virgin voyages


Aside from our  bodies being able to be rejuvenated, it has made some people realize that the things they once thought were necessary, are in fact not that important. Many girls are taking it down a notch with the fake lashes and nails, and learning how to embrace their natural beauty more.

16. We Take Things for Granted Less


When things are easily accessible, we tend to take them for granted. On the contrary, when those things are taken away, they are appreciated much more. The freedom to go when we want, where we want, without restrictions, seemed like such a normal thing, that we didn't realize just how lucky we are to be able to have the means to do so normally.

With each step of going back to normalcy, we are learning to appreciate the little things more and more. Being thankful is something that we should all embrace, and continue to make it a habit of realizing all of the great things that we have in our lives.

17. The Internet is Booming

internet booming 2020

With all of the extra time that many of us have, writers are able to contribute even more than before. Bloggers have been given the gift of time, and are pouring out more information than ever, making the internet expand further and further. With all of these new ideas, travel tips, and articles, we can all learn so much, and be knowledgeable about our passions.

18. Places are Becoming more Authentic

restaurants rome 2020

When going to popular tourist destinations around the world, the culture can often be overshadowed by tourist traps. However, when the tourists aren't around, the establishments that take advantage of them don't get much business.  Although we don't like the idea of businesses failing, the true local gems will finally get the attention they deserve.

We know that this is not 100% the case everywhere, as unfortunately there are so many great places that may not have survived, but we are very happy for the ones that do, and hope that locals will continue to support them!

19. Businesses Have Been Able to Reset

business reset


While many businesses needed to go on hold, it has been an opportunity for them to improve and have their own clean ups. The buildings themselves could get reorganized, the business plans could have a revamp, and new & creative ideas could really take off. After all of this, some businesses will come back better than ever. 

2020 hasn't been the kindest, but it has definitely been a huge wake up call for the world. If we all take these experiences and learn from it, we will all become a stronger, more unified planet. Let's be patient and kind to one another, and respect all people and our surroundings. Together we will all come out better from this!

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