You are currently viewing How to Experience the Giant Swing in Switzerland: One of the Most Beautiful Swings in the World

How to Experience the Giant Swing in Switzerland: One of the Most Beautiful Swings in the World

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Welcome to one of the most beautiful swings in the world, and one of the greatest views in Switzerland! The Giant Swing is the hidden gem you've all been waiting for, and we're here to help you get there.

In this guide we're going to tell you every step for getting to the Giant Swing, as well as some great ways to enjoy the area. Let's dive right in!

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Where is the Giant Swing in Switzerland?

The Giant Swing in Switzerland is located in the beautiful village of Adelboden, which is in central Switzerland. It sits at the top of Tshentenalp, one of the mountains that is surrounding the town.

Where is the Giant Swing in Switzerland

The Giant Swing is located in Adelboden, Switzerland.

How to Get to the Giant Swing in Switzerland

When we first tried visiting the giant swing, we simply put it into Google Maps, and started to drive there. We found the address, and were on our way, until the GPS started going crazy.

We turned around to get to another parallel road, and it continued to go crazy! It was that moment that we decided to ask a local, who then replied: "this is a common problem. Some influencer saved the location in Google Maps, and now everyone drives here".

Well, we learned the hard way that you actually can't visit the giant swing by car, but can only get there by cable car or by hiking to the top of Tshentenalp.

Taking the Cable Car to the Giant Swing

The cable car is definitely the easiest way to reach the Giant Swing in Adelboden, but also the more expensive option. The cable car leaves from the Tshentenalp Gondola Station, located at Tschentenalp, Bellevuegässli 4, 3715 Adelboden.

Tickets are 22 CHF for a one-way ticket, or 32 CHF for a round-trip ticket. If you have a GA or a half fare ticket, the one-way is 11 CHF, and the round-trip is 22 CHF. Children are 11 CHF for a one-way ticket, or 16 CHF for a round trip, whether or not they have a GA or half-fare ticket.

Groups of 10 or more pay 17 CHF for a one-way ticket, and 25 for a round trip ticket. Families also have special rates, as the adult pays 17 for a one-way ticket, 25 for a round-trip. Their first child is free, and every child after that is just 5 CHF. Finally, if you go after 3:30 pm, tickets are just 10 CHF for adults, and 5 for children!

Cable car to the giant swing in Switzerland

The easiest way to reach the giant swing is by cable car.

Tshentenap Cable Car Opening Hours and Dates

The cable car is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm in the summer (July 6th to October 22nd), and runs every 15 minutes. In the autumn (October 23rd to December 3rd) the cable car runs from 9-5 on the weekends, from 10-3 Wednesday-Friday, and is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

From May to early July the spring hours typically are from 9-5, but the opening days depend on the week. Typically they run from Thursday to Sunday, but we would suggest checking the cable car website before going. The cable car doesn't run from December 4th- December 20th, and is in operation for skiing in the wintertime.

Keep in mind that these times and dates are for 2023, and may change for 2024. You can also arrange times or dates outside the typical opening hours with the establishment for an extra cost by emailing or calling them in advance.

Hiking to the Giant Swing

Hiking to the giant swing is definitely a bit more of an effort, but will definitely save you money, and keep you in shape! If you decide to do this, you can go at whatever hour you want, allowing you to experience the giant swing with less crowds, and with better lighting.

The hike goes from the center of Adelboden, and took us an hour and 20 minutes to get up, and one hour to get down. (Keep reading for details of the hike).

Adelboden, Switzerland

The cable car and start of the hike are from the center of the town of Adelboden.

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The Hike to the Giant Swing in Switzerland

The hike for the giant swing in Switzerland starts from the center of the town of Adelboden, next to the main parking lot. Being a small town, it's easy to find, but if you aren't sure where exactly it is you can put in the address of Zelgstrasse 2, 3715 Adelboden to get there.

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the Giant Swing in Adelboden, Switzerland
the Giant Swing in Adelboden, Switzerland
the Giant Swing in Adelboden, Switzerland

Parking for the Hike to the Giant Swing in Adelboden

Parking is free for one hour in this lot, so if you plan on taking the cable car, you can probably get away with parking for free. Just make sure to click the green button on the machine for a ticket, and you can put it in your windshield. If you plan on hiking though, you'll need to pay for parking. We would suggest 4 hours, as this was the perfect amount for us, which costed us 4.60 CHF.

If you'd like to eat at the restaurant or do one of the other activities (which we will get into soon), then you can add another hour or two.

The machine only takes coins, but if you don't have any you can also download the app EasyPark. We would definitely suggest this way because the app is common for most parking lots around Switzerland. You can pay with your credit card, and you can also add time, which is much less stressful than having to monitor the time while you're up there.

how to get to the giant swing in Switzerland

The hike to the Giant Swing starts from the center of Adelboden.

The Hike Up to the Giant Swing

The hike starts behind the parking lot, and is up a regular paved road, which zigzags up the hill. This area can definitely be driven, but there is nowhere to park as there are only houses and buildings with private lots.

Continue up the paved road and you will need to follow the signs that say Schwandfeldfitz. After the first 5-10 minutes you will pass a waterfall with logs surrounding it, and then in another 10 you will find a log cabin.

log waterfall Adelboden
log waterfall in Adelboden

Along the beginning of the path you'll find a waterfall structured by logs.

Here you'll see a fountain where you can find your water up for free. Continue up until you find a fork. If you go to the right you'll find Taubenfels, which is a viewpoint 5 minutes away. But continue to the left for hiking to the Giant Swing.

water fountain hiking to the giant swing in Switzerland

In the first 20 minutes of the hike you'll find a cabin with a fountain to refill your water bottle.

After the first half hour, you'll find another fork. If you take the path to the right it will be shorter and steeper. In our case, this path was closed (as you can see in the photo below), so we had to continue up by taking the longer route. This is when the paved road finishes, and where the trail becomes more of a hiking path.

closed trail to the giant swing

The car is parked next to the fork where the trail was closed.

A few more minutes up you'll find the trail start to open up, with a house. Walk over to it and you'll find another fountain, as well as beautiful views of the valley below. Be prepared, because this is when the trail starts to get super steep.

water fountain hiking to the giant swing in Switzerland
views of Adelboden while hiking to the giant swing

This next part takes about 45 minutes, where you'll be going through mud, branches, and trees. Watch your footing, as it can be slippery! You'll finally find an area that opens up where you'll see a cabin, with a grassy area to the left, and a forest to your right. You can go either way, but we found it to be easier walking directly up the grass route next to the fence.

cable car to the giant swing
hiking to the giant swing in Switzerland

Before seeing the giant swing you'll see the playground, restaurant, and then the cable car station.

Arriving to the Giant Swing

Once you get to the top, you are just minutes away! Continue on the road to your right, and you'll see a playground and a restaurant. Right behind it is the cable car, and then behind that is the Giant Swing!

If you happen to get there early in the morning or later in the afternoon, you may just find a few other people up there with you. If you visit in the middle of the day, you may have to wait a little for a photo.

Honestly everyone was super friendly and respectful, taking a few photos and moving on. We also all helped each other out by pushing each other, as well as taking photos for one another.

giant swing in Switzerland
giant swing in Switzerland
Danni and Fede on the giant swing in Switzerland
giant swing in Switzerland

The Giant Swing has one of the best views in Switzerland!

Other Things to Do at the Top of Tschentenalp

Other than the swing at the top, you'll also see that there are a few other things in the area! There is a restaurant open from 9-5, as well as a playground next to it for kids to play at.

There is a trampoline park open from 11 am to 4 pm, when the weather is good. You can go on the bungee trampoline for 7 minutes for 12 CHF, or you can go on the trampoline with the airbag for 15 minutes at a rate of 8 CHF. There are also 2 combo tickets to choose from for 18 CHF or 22 CHF.

Another unique thing that can be found at the top of the mountain is snow farming! This is something found throughout Switzerland, and is an area of manmade snow for people to practice snow sports, which is offered in the autumn season. Additionally, there is a small rock wall. Finally, you can find a few other small trails in the area, giving you different views of Adelboden, and the surrounding scenery.

rock wall climbing Adelboden

There are a few different activities at the top of the mountain.

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Amenities at the Giant Swing

Now that you know how to get to the Giant Swing in Switzerland, here is a list of the different amenities you can find in the area.


Right in the parking lot you can find a bathroom, which is where we filled up our water bottle to start the hike to the Giant Swing. (The tap water in Switzerland is great, so don't bother buying bottled water!)

Just 15 minutes into the walk you'll find a fountain to fill up at, and after 15 more there is another fountain you can fill up at.


Food & Drinks

Right in the town of Adelboden you can find great bakeries, as well as a COOP supermarket. We decided to get our breakfast from Bakerei Michel, which was open early, and had great coffee and nice quiches.

At the top of Tschentenalp there is a restaurant that has the same opening hours as the cable car, typically from 9-5 in the summertime. They also have some special brunches and other events, which you can check on their website.


There's a bathroom right in the parking lot where you start the hike, free of charge to use, as well as at the cable car station. Along the trail there are no bathrooms, so make sure to go before you start. Right where the restaurant is at the top, there is also another bathroom you can use when you arrive.


You can actually stay at the top of Tschentenalp, at the Tschenten Chalet! There are 3 different rooms to choose from: one double room, one room with 8 beds, and one with 10 beds.

The double room is 90 CHF per person, and includes breakfast. The 8-bed room and the 10-bed rooms are available for 80 CHF for adults, or 50 CHF for children, and also include breakfast at the restaurant.

The restaurant is closed to outside guests in the evening, but the chalet offers two different dinner options for guests. Dinner is served at 6 pm for 28 CHF, and you can either have a meal with a salad, or the option of cheese fondue.

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Price & Timetable for Visiting the Giant Swing in Switzerland

Here is a breakdown of the prices and times for the Giant Swing:

Timetable for the Giant Swing

  • Parking Lot: 24/7
  • Hiking Trail: 24/7
  • Cable Car: hours vary
    • Summertime: 9 am to 5 pm
    • Autumn: Wednesday- Friday 10-3, Saturday & Sunday 10-5, Mondays & Tuesdays closed
    • Spring: 9 am to 5 pm on select dates (check calendar)
  • Restaurant: hours vary
    • Summertime: 9 am to 5 pm
    • Autumn: Friday 10-3, Saturday & Sunday 10-5, Mondays & Tuesdays closed
    • Spring: 9 am to 5 pm on select dates (check calendar)
  • Trampoline Park: 11 am to 4 pm on select dates and weather permitting

Prices for the Giant Swing

  • Parking
    • first hour: free
    • second hour: 2 CHF
    • every extra hour: + 1 CHF
    • 11 hours: 10 CHF
    • 15 hours: 11 CHF
    • 24 hours: 14 CHF
  • Cable Car: 5-32 CHF
    • One way adult: 22 CHF
    • Round trip adult: 32 CHF
    • One way child: 11 CHF
    • Round trip child: 16 CHF
    • Discounted adult one way: 11 CHF
    • Discounted adult round trip: 16 CHF
    • Group of 10 + one way: 17 CHF
    • Group of 10+ round trip: 25 CHF
    • Family one way: 17 CHF, one free child, 5 for every extra child
    • Family round trip: 25 CHF, one free child, 5 for every extra child
  • Hiking: free
  • The Giant Swing: free
  • Trampoline Park: 8-22 CHF
    • trampoline with airbag - 8 CHF
    • buggy trampoline - 12 CHF
    • 1 x trampoline + 1 x bungee trampoline - 18 CHF
    • 2 x trampoline + 1 x bungee trampoline - 22 CHF
  • Chalet: 50-90 CHF/person
    • double room: 90 CHF/person
    • 8-bed room: 90 CHF/adult, 50 CHF/child
    • 10-bed room: 90 CHF/adult, 50 CHF/child

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Safety at the Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is completely safe to use for all ages! While there isn't any belt to keep you in, it is a normal wooden swing, and doesn't go too high. I even stood on it, and didn't have any issues.

As for the hike, there are definitely steep parts, but we saw plenty of people of all ages completing the hike without any issues. Just make sure to wear the proper footwear, and to bring a water bottle with you.

giant swing in Switzerland

The Giant Swing is not dangerous to ride at all, and doesn't go too high.

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Other Things to Keep in Mind When Visiting the Giant Swing in Switzerland

Now you know how to get to the giant swing in Switzerland, and all of the amenities surrounding it! Here a few other things to keep in mind while visiting:

Weather Conditions at Adelboden

We visited Adelboden in the summertime, and found the day to be warm and sunny, and the evenings to be a bit cool. Switzerland's weather in the mountains can vary greatly, being super hot and sunny one moment, and starting to storm the next minute.

If you are visiting in the middle of the day, you can probably wear shorts and a t-shirt, but if you will be there around sunrise or sunset, we would suggest bringing a light jacket.


The Best Time to Visit the Giant Swing in Switzerland

We visited the Giant Swing in the morning, starting our hike at 8:30 am, and arriving at the top just before 10. The crowds were pretty minimal, but the sun was directly above the valley, with pretty harsh lighting. For the best photos, you'll want to either get up there for sunrise, or get there in the late afternoon before the sun sets.

sunset at Adelboden
giant swing in Switzerland
giant swing in Switzerland

The best time to visit the giant swing is before the sun rises, or late in the afternoon.

How to Prepare for Visiting the Giant Swing in Adelboden

Here are a few things you should consider bringing on your hike to the Giant Swing in Switzerland:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sneakers or hiking boots (for the second half of the hike)
  • Reusable Water Bottle (we use this water bottle from Cafago because it holds the temperature)
  • Umbrella or poncho
  • Phone or camera
  • Tripod
  • Flowy skirt (if you want a bit more of a cute photo)
  • Power Bank (we use Anker power banks, as they are super long lasting and sturdy)
hiking to the giant swing in Switzerland

The hike to the giant swing is flat for half the way.

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Tips for Visiting the Giant Swing in Switzerland

Here are just a few final tips for visiting the Giant Swing in Adelboden!

  • Visit in the late afternoon for the best lighting.
  • Fill up your water bottle at the free fountains.
  • Use the bathroom in the parking lot before the hike.
  • Download the ParkEasy App.
  • Bring another outfit to change into for cute photos.
  • Use a tripod low to the ground (we had people help push, as well as putting the camera on burst and using interval shooting).
  • Check the website beforehand for up-to-date hours for the cable car, restaurant, and activities.
the giant swing in Switzerland

I wore a long skirt for a more dramatic effect.

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