You are currently viewing Gjipe Beach: A Complete Guide to Visiting One of the Best Beaches of Albania
Gjipe beach is one our favorite beaches along the Albanian Riviera.

Gjipe Beach: A Complete Guide to Visiting One of the Best Beaches of Albania

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Welcome to one of the best beaches of Albania: Gjipe Beach. Although not the most easily accessible, this slice of paradise is definitely worth a day while you're visiting the Albanian Riviera.

In this guide we're going to cover how to get to Gjipe beach, the amenities there, and how much everything costs once you're there. So without further ado, let's jump right in to our complete guide of Gjipe Beach in Albania.

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Where is Gjipe Beach, Albania? (One of the Best Beaches of Albania)

Gjipe Beach is located on the western coast of Albania, also known as the Albanian Riviera. The Albanian Riviera includes the best beaches in Albania, which stretch from Vlore down to Ksamil.

water Gjipe Beach, best beaches of albania

Gjipe Beach is one of the best beaches of Albania's riviera.

The closest cities to Gjipe Beach are Dhermiu and Himare, both which are just 20-25 minutes driving from the starting point to get to Gjipe Beach.

where is Gjipe beach in Albania

Gjipe Beach is located along the Albanian Riviera.

How to Get to the Best Beaches of Albania: Gjipe Beach

In order to get to The Albanian Riviera, we suggest renting a car from Tirana, or whichever other big city you plan to visit from in Albania..

Rent a car in Albania:

Gjipe beach doesn't have a paved road all the way down to it. However, despite the poor road conditions, we did find a few people driving straight down. (Of course they had very large, high clearance vehicles).

bunker at Gjipe Beach

Along the walk to the beach there is a bunker.

How most people go, is they drive to the parking lot, where they leave their car and walk. It is about a kilometer and a half of a very rocky downhill road, which takes a solid 20 minutes to do.

The walk isn't too strenuous, but it is definitely easier with sneakers. Make sure to top up with sunscreen or bring a hat, as there isn't really shade along the way.

walk to Gjipe beach, best beaches of Albania

The path to Gjipe beach has beautiful views of the beach.

Parking at Gjipe Beach

The parking lot is a wide open space, and also has little area that is covered. The price to park is 300 Lek for the day, or 600 Lek for overnight parking (some people camp there- which we will get into a bit later).

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Parking can only be paid in cash. At the lot there is a small stand to buy fresh fruit, or cold drinks. There are no bathrooms, but you can find them down at the beach itself.

parking lot Gjipe Beach

There is a large parking area a the entrance of the beach.

Amenities & Activities at One of the Best Beaches of Albania

Once you get to Gjipe beach, you will be welcomed with some stunning views, and a large area with plenty to do. As one of the best beaches of Albania, we can say that you can easily enjoy a full day here. Here are the different things that you can do at Gjipe Beach.

amenities at Gjipe beach

There are several amenities and activities at Gjipe Beach.

Activities at Gjipe Beach

Other than simply soaking up the sun, and swimming in the turquoise waters, you can enjoy some other activities.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Water Activities at Gjipe Beach

There are kayaks and paddle boards that you can rent for 10 euros/hour or you can enjoy a large float to relax on for just 6 euros/hour. There is a volleyball net, but you will have to bring your own ball or see if someone else has one to lend you.

float at Gjipe beach, best beaches of Albania
volleyball at Gjipe beach, best beaches of Albania
kayaks at Gjipe beach, best beaches of Albania

Gjipe Canyon

Another great way to enjoy Gjipe Beach is to hike the canyon. It is right behind the beach, and goes all the way until the main road, which is 3 hours hiking. Halfway there is a waterfall you can visit as well. We didn't have the time to go, but hear it is very beautiful.

Gjipe Canyon

Just behind the beach is a canyon you can hike through.

Caves at Gjipe Beach

Did you know there are also caves around Gjipe? This is another reason why we think that this is one of the best beaches of Albania

They can only be visited at low tide, and by swimming there or going by kayak. Make sure to ask the locals working on the beach if it is safe for you to go. If you can, make sure to bring an action camera or waterproof case for your phone!

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Want to prebook an excursion for Gjipe Beach? Here are a few different options if you don't want to go on your own:

Amenities at Gjipe Beach

When we were first visiting Gjipe Beach, we didn't know what to expect, so we packed our own lunch, and brought our own toilet paper. The good thing though, is that unlike some other hidden beaches of Albania, this one is pretty well equipped with amenities.

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Gjipe, best beaches of Albania Pin
Gjipe, best beaches of Albania Pin
Gjipe, best beaches of Albania Pin

Eating and Drinking at Gjipe Beach

There are a few restaurants on site that you can choose from. Owned by locals, prices are pretty decent considering the location, and there is shade provided in the seating areas.

The restaurants are open from 8 am to 10 pm, and have both cold drinks and different options for local and quick food. Beers are around 300-500 Lek, and the dishes are from 500-1000 Lek. You can find both meat and seafood options, and sides like salads and fries.

restaurant at Gjipe beach, best beaches of Albania

There are a couple of restaurants at Gjipe Beach.

Bathrooms & Showers

There are bathrooms that you can visit while at the restaurants, as well as one that is towards the entrance of the canyon. The bathroom is 100 lek for showers and toilets. They aren't super luxurious, but they do get the job done.

showers at Gjipe beach

For 100 Lek you can shower or use the bathroom.

Chairs & Umbrellas

There are some chairs and umbrellas along the beach, and they go for 3 euros/ person. When we went, all of them were taken. So we suggest that if this is something important to you, you should definitely get to the beach on the earlier side.

umbrellas along Gjipe, best beaches of Albania

There are umbrellas and chairs along the beach for rent.

Other Areas of Shade

If you aren't lucky enough to get an umbrella and want some shade, there are a few cave-like inlets on the side. Simply walk to the end, and you will find people relaxing in tiny areas of shade.

Gjipe Beach

Walk to the end of the beach and you'll find shades area with small coves.

Camping at the Best Beaches of Albania: Gjipe Beach

We found that as one of the best beaches in Albania, this place was very popular for people to spend the night. Tents are available for rent for 1,500 Lek, or you are welcome to bring your own to stay here for free. (Just keep in mind you'll have to carry it for 20 minutes).

Camping at Gjipe beach, best beaches of Albania

You can camp at Gjipe Beach for 1,500 Lek.

How Long to Stay at Gjipe Beach, One of the Best Beaches of Albania

While some people stayed the night, we felt that a day trip to Gjipe was sufficient for us. As it is only a 20 minute walk, it's not truly necessary to stay, unless you are a slower type of traveler, and want to really take advantage of everything that Gjipe has to offer. 

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How to Pack for a Visit to Gjipe Beach & the Best Beaches of Albania

Here are some of the things we suggest bringing while visiting Gjipe Beach:

  • Travel toiletries (our favorites are from Sheer Alternatives because they're all natural and 100ml)
Gjipe Canyon
Gjipe beach

The beach and canyon are both rocky so make sure to have proper shoes.

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Other Things to Know About Visiting Gjipe Beach & the Best Beaches of Albania

Now you know pretty much everything there is to know about visiting one of the best beaches of Albania! Another thing to note is that like many beaches in Europe, Gjipe is a rock beach. That is another reason we suggest water shoes (also the rocks get pretty hot).

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We saw many people bringing their own picnics, floats, and even SUP boards!

Finally, if you'd like to swim to the caves, keep in mind that they are best reached when the tide is low. You should really be a very strong swimmer, or consider going in kayak to get to them, as they are further than you think.

water Gjipe Beach, best beaches of albania
water Gjipe Beach, best beaches of albania
water Gjipe Beach, best beaches of albania
water Gjipe Beach, best beaches of albania

There are some beautiful views that you can appreciate above the canyon.

Are you looking for a place to stay near Gjipe Beach? Just refer to the map below:

So are you ready to visit one of the best beaches of Albania? How about some other hidden gems throughout the country? Stay tuned for many upcoming articles about Albania, as well as the other Balkan countries that we've been exploring all summer.

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