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Feria de Abril, Sevilla: The Spring Fair to Add to Your Bucket List

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Have you ever heard of Feria de Abril, Sevilla? Well, living in Spain for two years, it was one of the biggest celebrations around the world that I knew I had to check out one day.

Spain really knows how to party, and they really have unique and epic festivals that are worth adding to your bucket list.I knew that Feria de Abril was the spring fair held each April in Sevilla, but truly didn't know what to expect!

That's why we're here to share our knowledge so you know exactly how to prepare, and make the most of your visit to Sevilla. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about attending Feria de Abril, Sevilla.

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When is Feria de Abril?

Despite the name "Feria de Abril" translating to "Fair of April", this fair isn't always during the month of April. We visited last year in 2022, and it was actually the first week of May.

Feria de Abril happens every year two weeks after Semana Santa, which is Easter week. Sometimes it falls as early as mid April, and sometimes it runs into May. 

The fair starts on a Saturday night, and goes through the following Sunday, making is a little bit longer than a full week of celebrating. If you check online the dates will always start on a Sunday, but it technically begins on the night before.

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Where Exactly is Feria de Abril, Sevilla Held?

The Feria de Abril is held just outside the center of Sevilla. The fair is enormous and actually goes for quite a few blocks, taking place is what is normally a huge lot of empty land.

The main landmark is the "portada" also known as the gateway to the fair. You don't necessarily need to enter through here, but it is the large marker of the Feria de Abril. 

Feria de Abril, things to do in Sevilla

The portada marks the entrance of Feria de Abril.

When in Sevilla, it really is impossible not to find the fair, as everyone is always walking in the same direction towards it. It is just across the river from some one the main tourists attractions like Torre del Oro, and Plaza de España.

where is feria de abril sevilla

The portada is located on the west end of the river in Sevilla.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Getting to Sevilla

As it is a very popular time of year to visit Sevilla, naturally flight prices will end up rising as you get closer to the date.

If you find that prices are expensive, you can try a few tricks with site Skyscanner:

  • Check on Skyscanner's calendar. Put you city to Sevilla, and then you can see which dates are the cheapest to fly.
  • Look at flights on Skyscanner putting "from your city" and then "to Spain", and see if there is a cheaper airport nearby for the dates around Feria de Abril. For example, Malaga, Granada, or Jerez.
  • You can also look for flights to Madrid, and then either get a train. bus, or Bla Bla Car.

Play around with the dates and locations in the box below to find the best way to make your way to Sevilla:

Where to Stay in Sevilla

Anywhere you stay in Sevilla you will be able to get the the Feria, as all of the public transportation goes towards it. However, we suggest you to stay as close as possible to the feria (just google Portade de la Feria de Abril, which is on Calle Antonio Bienvenida) and look for places nearby,

Want to see the accommodation options nearby the Feria de Abril? Simply refer to the map we've created:

It is also very important to book well in advance, as many places are sold out months ahead of the Feria de Abril, Sevilla.

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Getting Around During Feria de Abril, Sevilla

As we mentioned, no matter where you stay you will be able to find a way to the feria. However, bus routes completely change, and depending on where you're staying can make a huge difference in how long it will take to get to and from the feria.

Buses To & From the Feria de Abril, Sevilla

The bus schedules and routes change quite a bit during Feria de Abril, and shouldn't even try to be followed. We tried using the information from our hosts, from the website, Google Maps, and the bus stops themselves. At the end of the day, the buses will come at whatever time they can, depending on traffic.

When we first booked our place, we saw that it was a 15-20 minute ride away from the feria, thinking nothing of it. The reality was that the bus came once an hour, and took almost an hour from all of the traffic and people going towards the center.

Buses are the cheapest way to go, and definitely a popular option. However, if you can walk, we definitely suggest that, as it will end up saving you time if you are not super far.

Getting a Taxi To & From the Feria

Taxis are certainly not the cheapest option, but one of the nights we just could not get a bus for the life of us. We tried flagging down a taxi and they were all just passing us, even without people in them! We then learned that this is because there is an official taxi stand set up out Feria de Abril, and the line is endless.

Our suggestion? If you are truly set on getting a taxi then you should download Free Now or Cabify, and walk across the bridge to get one there (as they most likely won't be able to enter the Feria itself). Uber is also available, but is more expensive than the other two.

Driving to the Feria

Honestly, we love renting cars, but for Feria de Abril in Sevilla, do not even consider this as an option. Even locals do not dare drive to the Feria, as the parking lots are super far away, there is a ton of traffic, and it's more money and a headache in the end. If you do happen to come by car from another part of Spain, we suggest parking your car for the week and relying on public transportation.

Rent a Scooter

This is a fun option to get around Sevilla, and they can be find outside the Feria in the city center. We loved using these to beat the crowds and traffic when going from areas in Sevilla that were in the center, but still a pretty significant walk.

You just need to download the app that is attached to the scooter (there are different companies) and you can start riding from wherever you find one along the streets. We used Voi, which was the one that we found most frequently throughout the city. Keep in mind it's not the cheapest option, but definitely a convenient and fun one.

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Feria de Abril Sevilla Pin
Feria de Abril Sevilla Pin
Feria de Abril Sevilla Pin

Feria de Abril, Sevilla: What to Expect

Feria de Abril is really like no other festival we have attended in Spain. To be honest, the ratio of locals to tourists is very high! We barely met any foreigners, as this is a celebration that is definitely catered to the people of Sevilla. However, we are so glad we went, and still had an amazing time!

Feria de Abril Sevilla
Feria de Abril Sevilla
Feria de Abril Sevilla

There are some beautiful views that you can appreciate above the canyon.

The Casetas at Feria de Abril, Sevilla

The fair is built up by what are known as "casetas" which are essentially small tents. When we came and heard there were 16 public casetas, we though "oh wow so there are a lot!" However, there are many more casetas than you would think. This year there were over 1,400! So now you can see that the public ones were definitely a bit harder to find.

Feria de Abril Sevilla Casetas

There were 1,400 casetas at Feria de Abril in 2022!

The Private Casetas of Feria de Abril

The private casetas are for specific groups, and this is what makes the feria a bit exclusive feeling. Even locals go to their proper tent, and they don't go from tent to tent. The beauty of going to the public ones, if that you can in fact go to a few different ones in a day. 

The private ones all have bouncers, and you need a special invitation to attend. We got lucky a couple of times and ended up in private ones, but this isn't a normal case while at Feria de Abril.

Feria de Abril Sevilla casetas
casetas, Feria de Abril, Sevilla

The majority of the casetas are private, and you must be invited.

The Public Casetas of Feria de Abril

The casetas have live music with a dance floor, and they serve food, beer, and Rebujillo, a refreshing drink made from Jerez wine and sprite. There are bathrooms in each one, but lines can get pretty long, especially for women who have to strip down naked every time they need to go to the bathroom (we'll explain more about this later).

Tables are basically a free for all. So it's just a game of luck, or joining strangers (which is also very easy and fun to do). Most casetas are cash only, and a few of them get credit card machines on the second or third day of the feria. However, cash and patience are key during Feria de Abril.

Feria de Abril Casetas inside
inside casetas feria de abril
Feria de Abril, things to do in Sevilla

The public casetas are very popular amongst both tourists and locals.

The Fair

Of course the Feria de Abril is called the Spring Fair because it does in fact have a huge fair. On one side there are all of the casetas, and on the other there are rides, games, shops, and food & drinks.

view from above Feria de Abril

From the Ferris wheel you can appreciate the view of the whole fair.

There are two big Ferris wheels. If you ride the taller one then you will get a beautiful view of the entire fair down below, casetas and all. The fair area is usually where you see more youth and families with small kids. However, it is definitely fun to spend some time walking around the fair itself.

rides at Feria de Abril
Feria de Abril Sevilla
fair feria de abril Sevilla

The fair has a huge sections of rides and games.

Times of the Feria

Each day everything starts around 12:00 pm and goes until 6 am the following morning. Most families go on the earlier side, while young adults and adolescents go later in the afternoon to party all night long. 

Horse carriages start to make their way into the center around 11:30/12:00, and offer rides around the feria. The kiosks and casetas are all open throughout the day and night, every day of the week. There are also public bathrooms that are available and are free to use for anyone.

Feria de Abril carriages

The carriages start running everyday around 11 or 12.

Events During Feria de Abril, Sevilla

While the fair and casetas are open every day, there are also a few special events to keep note of during Feria de Abril.

Noche de Peces

The first night of Feria de Abril starts around 9 pm, where you will find all of the locals in their private casetas having dinner. This night no one dresses in Flamenco gear, but in just fancy dresses and suits. There is a special concert around the portada at around 11, while everyone waits for the gateway to light up and officially start Feria de Abril.

The public casetas are also in fact open, but you will need to have dinner before hand, or just have small tapas with your drinks, while the private ones have their fancy meals.

Noche de Peces, Feria de Abril Sevilla

The first night everyone gathers to wait for the portada to light up.

Horse Show of Feria de Abril

The first Sunday at 6:30 pm is a special horse show that takes place in Plaza de Toros. We got  there 10 minutes late, and the guy working there told us not to worry that there were shows every day. So we bought tickets for later on in the week.

Little did we know that the show every day is actually the bull fight, not the horse show. This was super upsetting for us because this is a brutal tradition, and it is truly sad to watch. We arrived and left after 5 minutes. Finally, we then found out by someone else that the special show by the horses is only that first day.

We definitely suggest clarifying the ticket you want, and making it for the first day of the show.

horse drawn carriages feria de abril
horses feria de abril
horse drawn carriages feria de abril

Apart from the horse show there are horse drawn carriages all week long.

How to Dress During Feria de Abril, Sevilla

Before going to Feria de Abril, Sevilla for the first time, we only knew that people where traditional Flamenco clothes. So we simply went to a Flamenco shop in Granada, and had the owner take over and pick out our outfits.

We'll be honest- this is no cheap venture. Flamenco dresses are extremely expensive and of course will only be worn for the feria. That being said, I am so happy I got one, as it really is a big part of taking part in the fair and soaking up the true vibe of Feria de Abril.

how to dress for feria de abril in Sevilla

One of the most fun parts of Feria de Abril is dressing up.

What Girls Wear to Feria de Abril, Sevilla

The one's who really go all out are the women when it comes to the fair. All of the women, adolescents, and even children and babies are dressed from head to toe as a "Flamenca". So now we will let you know all that that entails.

Plaza de España, things to doin Sevilla
Feria de Abril Sevilla

Flamenca Dresses

This is of course the most important part of your outfit. Sevillanas don't cheap out on their dresses, and you can find people spending upwards of several hundred to 1,000 euros on just one dress!

As a tourist, we are sure you won't want to spend this much, and that is very understandable. The good thing is you can find them a bit cheaper. I got mine for 160 euros, and while it still is pricey, it's a pretty damn good price for a Flamenca dress.

I got mine in Granada from a store called Rocio. They also have an online shop that you can order from, which is actually a bit cheaper. If you'd like to get your dress in Sevilla, there are a ton of shops that sell dresses as well.

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Getting a Cheap Flamenca Dress

Still don't want to spend that much? Well there are still a few ways to spend less than 100 euros. Here's how:

Buy From Last Season

Now we don't know how in advance you are booking your trip, but  it's kind of like Halloween. Right after the feria each year, all of the dresses go on clearance, and you can get great deals! So if you are in Spain, or want to order online, then this is your best option for getting a dress on sale.

Rent a Dress

We don't actually know where you can do this, but some locals told us that there are sites that you can rent Flamenco dresses on, as well as second hand shops. You can also probably check out Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone is selling theirs from the previous year, as real Sevillanas rarely use the same dress twice.

Go to Mono Mona

We normally don't like to promote cheap and Chinese run shops, but if you're really on a tight budget, then this store can save you. Mona Mona is a shop that is in the heart of Sevilla, and has super cheap prices. By no means are these the best dresses you'll find, but you can find the basic Flamenca style for around 60 euros.


Dressing like a Sevillana is not just about the dress, but about the hair, makeup, shoes, and accessories. Here's all you need to know about the accessories for Feria de Abril in Sevilla.


The hair is a huge part of your look, and definitely should not be neglected. The most important thing to know is that 1- flowers are everything, and 2- the bigger the better. While some girls will get flowers that match their dress, many will also choose a completely different color for their accessories to compliment their dress. So you could have a purple dress but then have blue flowers, shawl, and purse.

As far as hair styles, the flower is is usually on the very top of your head, and many girls will pull back their hair, a lot with braids, or special ponytails. Whatever it is, the hair definitely plays a role in looking the part.


For the makeup you won't need to do anything in particular, but the makeup pulls everything together. For me, my go to was just having a bold lipstick. It just pulls the look together a bit. As far as foundation goes, be mindful that it can get very hot, and you don't want it getting all over, so don't go crazy.


When it comes to jewelry, the earrings are everything. You don't need to buy expensive ones. Honestly, the bigger and more fun ones you can find, the better. You can easily find tons of shops and kiosks that have large colorful earrings specifically for feria, that cost around 4 euros.


Traditionally, the Flamenca outfit is completed with a "mantón de Manila" or special shawl. Some girls wear them, and some don't. We like the idea of getting one to wear for a day or two to change up the look a bit. But it was May when we went, and pretty damn hot out to be adding another layer.

For this traditional accessory, we suggest waiting until you get to the fair. There are plenty of shops and kiosks throughout Sevilla and inside the feria where you can find them sold for around 10 euros.


In our opinion, the shoes are not really worth it, as they won't truly be seen, and they are not very comfortable looking. I chose to wear my flip flops, and of course was criticized by a local or two. This is because it can get a little muddy. I would rather get my feet dirty than my shoes, but this is all about personal preference.


The fan is the final accessory. I loved having a fan, as it gets super hot in that Flamenco dress. Fans are sold for 3-5 euros everywhere, so just carry a bit of cash if you'd like to pick one up while walking around.

what to wear for feria de abril sevilla

There is a lot that goes into the outfit for Feria de Abril.

What Men Wear to Feria de Abril

Don't worry boys- you don't need to worry nearly as much as the girls when it comes to dressing for Feria de Abril. When we went, we went to a shop, and the owner of the shop picked out a full traditional suit, hat, and shoes for Fede.

We're so happy that we didn't get all of it, because it was ridiculously expensive. Not only that, when we went to the feria, we found that the only ones dressed like that were the ones riding the horse carriages. 

Men during Feria de Abril still dress up, but in just normal fancy clothes. Many just wear button up shirts and nice pants and shoes, while others up their game and wear a full suit. Either way- this is all you'll need to fit right in during Feria de Abril.

Fede Feria de Abril

Fede dressed up, but most men just wear suits or button ups and nice pants.

Weather During Feria de Abril, Sevilla

Normally Feria de Abril happens in the month of April, with the most perfect weather you could ask for. The climate in Sevilla is much warmer than the rest of Spain at this time, and has many sunny and pleasant days.

When we visited in May, the couple of weeks really made a difference. It was pretty hot, and wearing the heavy outfits that we had surely didn't help. The nights however, were super nice, and were comfortable to walk around.

weather feria de abril sevilla

Sevilla gets very hot, so a fan will come a lot in handy!

Other Things to Know About Feria de Abril, Sevilla

Now you are almost ready to attend Feria de Abril in Sevilla! But don't go just yet, because we still have a few things to share with you.

The Drinks Policy

Drinks cannot be brought in or out of the casetas, but you can still buy them from the kiosks and walk around the streets with a drink in hand. Drinks can add up quickly at the feria, so we liked to buy some super cheap beers from the shops while we were walking around.

In order to keep less people trashing the streets, the government of Sevilla places a limit on when supermarkets in the area can sell drinks. This includes anything from cans of beer to bottles of water. Each year can differ a bit, but last year (2022) the markets were banned to sell any kind of drinks after 4 pm. 

You can still get them from bars, kiosks inside the Feria, and in the casetas of course. But if you want to get your own, make sure to get them earlier in the day. Note: This only applies to a certain zone of Sevilla, not the entire city.

streets Feria de Abril Sevilla

Drinks can only be bought inside the fair after a certain time.

Tailoring Your Flamenco Dress

Chances are that your Flamenco dress is going to be a tad long, especially if you're short like I am. Getting a dress tailored right before Feria de Abril can be a challenge, and not the cheapest. While dresses usually take no time to fix, and are less than 10 euros to shorten, this is not the case with Flamenco dresses.

Tailors will always charge more, and especially during Feria de Abril. The going rate is from 30 to 40 euros just to shorten the dress, and takes longer than normal due to high demand. Because of this, we suggest you to get your dress as early as possible, and if it needs to be fixed to try to do so right away.

When it comes to the sleeves, you're in luck! No tailoring needs to be done here, as there are strings inside the dresses to make them tighter or looser on top.

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Other Tips For Your Flamenco Dress

We are not going to lie- flamenco dresses (the real ones at least) are not comfortable. They are tight, making it pretty hard to walk, as your legs can't make long strides. After the first day or two my hamstrings were killing from the strain I put on them walking around. For that reason, I wore my flamenco dress every other day instead.

Another thing to note is that going to the bathroom is no easy feet, especially when you're drinking all day. When you go to the bathroom you will have to very literally strip naked, and then find a way to put the dress back on yourself in a tiny stall. Sevillanas are pros at this, and luckily after some practice, I kept getting better. 

The trick is to know your dress. Most have zippers that tend to open on their own. However, most flamenco dresses have zippers that actually lock into place by pushing them down. Don't untie your string, and rather shimmy out, so you don't need to completely redo it every time.

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Feria de Abril is definitely an exciting festival to add to your bucket list, and a great way to celebrate the culture of Andalusia. So get ready for a truly unique event, and be ready to have some fun!

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