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The Guide to an Epic Girls’ Weekend in Nashville

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Looking to have a fun group getaway? This year my friends and I planned a girls' weekend in Nashville, and it was even better than I expected! With so many fun activities in Nashville, this is the perfect trip to let loose, and go a little wild.

Don't worry - it's not just a party city though. There are a ton of fun activities in Nashville for the foodies, photographers, and even culture enthusiasts.

In this guide we're going to share with you everything you need to know for visiting the country capital of the world, as well as all of the fun activities in Nashville you can experience for an epic girls' weekend.

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First- Is Nashville Fun for a Girls Trip?

There's a reason that Nashville has become so popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties! With the variety of activities geared towards large groups Nashville is the perfect place for a girls' trip.

Why Do So Many Girls Go to Nashville for a Girls' Trip?

Nashville is one of those places that has it all for the perfect girl's trip. From wild and fun parties to cute Instagrammable murals and Taylor Swift themed apartments, this city has so many fun things to do for groups - especially female groups.

drag party bus, fun activities in Nashville
Down the Rabbit Hole, fun activities in Nashville
Jason Aldean's, fun activities in Nashville

There are a ton of fun activities in Nashville for a girls' weekend.

Getting to Nashville

Nashville is centrally located in Tennessee, and can easily be reached from all over the US.

What Airport Do You Fly Into to Go to Nashville?

Nashville has its own airport, which is located under 10 miles away from the downtown area of the city.

There are so many cities that fly direct to Nashville, making it the ideal way to reach there, most of which are domestic, with international flights being from Cancun and Toronto. 

Domestic cities that fly to Nashville include Akron, Albany, Allentown, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bedford, Bentonville, Boston, Burbank, Cape Girardeau, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Colombus, Conroe, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fargo, Flint, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Grand Rapids, Hartford, Hattiesburg, Houston, Indianapolis, Jackson, Jacksonville, Jonesboro, Kansas City, Lakeland, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Myrtle Beach, Newark, New Orleans, New York, Norfolk, Orlando, Panama City Beach, Pensacola, Pheonix, Philadelphia, Portland, Port Walton, Raleigh, Saint Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Francisco, Sarasota, Savannah, Seattle, Sioux Falls, Smyrna, Sun Valley, Tampa, Teterboro,  Tupelo, and Washington DC.

Flight Tip: Using Skyscanner you can use the calendar feature to see which are the cheapest dates for your destination!

How to Get from Nashville Airport to the City

There are a few different options for getting to the city from Nashville airport:

Take a Bus from Nashville Airport to Downtown Nashville

The cheapest way to get to downtown Nashville from the airport is to take the local bus. Buses depart about ever 20 minutes, and are just $2! The ride is around 35 to 40 minutes via We Go, and you can also get daily or monthly passes.

Just make sure to let the driver know where you're heading to ensure you get off at the right stop, and have cash on you, as this is the only way to pay.

Take an Uber from the Airport to the City

Uber is definitely the easiest way to get from Nashville airport to city center. It only takes about 20 minutes, and rides are around $25.

Rent a Car in Nashville

There are so many great things to do in Nashville. So if you plan on exploring extensively, and not drinking the entire time, then a renting a car from Nashville airport is a great option!

Renting a car is seamless, and if you are over 25 with insurance than it's even cheaper and easier.

How to Get to Nashville from Nearby Cities

There are quite a few cities that are near Nashville, and can be reached by public transportation. Here are some popular bus routes available:

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Where to Stay in Nashville

Nashville has so many more fun activities than we anticipated, and some of them are a bit spread out. However, if you're looking for more a of party trip for you girls' weekend in Nashville, then you'll definitely want to stay as close to Broadway as possible.

As Broadway was an extremely expensive area to stay though, we opted to get an Airbnb about 10 minutes outside Broadway in Edgeville.

Ubers were pretty affordable, so we didn't mind going a bit on the outskirts, and if it's warm out, you can always walk.

Here are some great hotels you can check out:

  • Noelle: a stunning hotel with a great location, restaurant, and rooftop
  • Mint House at the Reserve: an apartment with a kitchen and gym that fits up to 6 people
  • The Kora - Chic Gulch Escape: an apartment with a rooftop that fits up to 10 people
  • Bobby Hotel: an incredible hotel in the heart of downtown Nashville with a rooftop and a pool
  • SoBro Guest House by Black Swan: a spacious apartment that is centrally located and has a kitchen
  • Taylor Swift Airbnb: a colorful apartment with a Taylor Swift theme (This is where we stayed. It´s not the best location or very modern, but we did think it was a cute option.) 
taylor swift apartment, where to stay for a girls' weekend in Nashville
taylor swift apartment, where to stay for a girls' weekend in Nashville
taylor swift apartment, where to stay for a girls' weekend in Nashville

There are some Taylor Swift themed apartments around Nashville.

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Local Adjustments for Visiting Nashville, Tennessee

In all of our guides we like to include some of the "know before you go" details such as tipping culture, currency, and whether or not the tap water is drinkable. Here are some of the things you should know before planning all of your fun activities in Nashville.

Is Nashville Cheap?

Nashville is a pretty affordable city when you compare it to a lot of the other popular cities in the US. However, with so many fun activities in Nashville, it's pretty easy to rack up a high bill.

We definitely suggest booking your accommodation in advance, as we found that this was definitely the most expensive aspect of our girls trip to Nashville.

Most of the fun activities in Nashville are in fact paid, so you'll also want to keep this in mind for your budget. There are also so many cute restaurants and great bars, which definitely come with a bit of a higher price tag than the basic eateries.

Should I Bring Cash to Nashville?

A lot of the fun activities in Nashville are service-based, which means you'll definitely want to have some cash for tipping. Other than that, most things can be paid for in credit card.

Also, if you plan on taking public buses, you'll also need some cash, since they don't accept electronic payment.

What is the Etiquette for Tipping in Nashville?

Tipping is super important in cities like Nashville that are service-industry based. In Nashville tipping 15-20% is the norm, and this includes restaurants, bars, taxis/Ubers, and tour guides.

Is it OK to Drink the Water in Nashville?

The water in Nashville is perfectly safe to drink, so we suggest skipping the bottled water. You can also ask bars for water at any time, as it's complimentary. Remember to hydrate! A lot of the fun activities in Nashville include drinking, so don't forget to also drink water throughout the day.

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Fun Activities in Nashville

Now that you know the basics, let's jump into all of the fun activities in Nashville for an epic girls' weekend!

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fun activities in Nashville pin
fun activities in Nashville pin
fun activities in Nashville pin

Fun Activities in Nashville for the Partiers

If you're planning a girls' weekend in Nashville, then chances are you'll be doing a bit of partying. Nashville is known for its fun bars and party atmosphere, so here are some of the top options for a wild weekend.

Bar Hop on Broadway

Broadway is the main strip in Nashville where you can find an endless amount of bars lined up one after the other. It's where most of the action happens, and probably the first place you'll want to visit on your girls' weekend in Nashville.

You could easily spend an entire day enjoying this area, as there is a unique vibe in each bar, with a ton of live music with a variety of genres.

bar hopping for a girls' weekend in Nashville

Some people end up spending their entire weekend at Broadway! Although, there are so many fun activities in Nashville, that we definitely urge you to leave time for other things to do as well.

Check Out Printer's Alley

Printer's Alley is like Broadways cool and laid back little brother. Located just north of Broadway, you can find a nice variety of smaller bars with live music, cool rooftops, and delicious food here.

Printer's Alley, girls' weekend in Nashville

Ride on a Party Tractor

It may sound odd, but a party tractor is even more fun than your traditional party bus! The tractor brings a large open truck behind it, where groups of around 20 people drink and dance for a full hour, while riding around the city.

You have an hour before to drink, play corn hole, and meet the other fun people you'll be riding around with, and then a DJ and Emcee onboard to keep you entertained the entire time. This was definitely one of my favorite activities in Nashville, and one I'd recommend to anyone looking for a fun time.

party tractor, fun activities in Nashville
party tractor, fun activities in Nashville
party tractor, fun activities in Nashville

In Nashville you can ride in a party tractor around the city.

Suzy Wong's Drag'n Brunch

Nothings says an epic girls' weekend then experiencing a drag brunch! Delicious food and drag shows make the perfect combo to start off the day, and Suzy Wong's is the place to experience it.

Go Wild On the Drag Party Bus

Move over traditional party bus! The Big Drag Bus brings the best of both worlds together - riding around with a drink in hand, and having a drag show at the same time.

I ended up doing this one by myself, as my friends had earlier flights than me. Boy, it did not disappoint! The queens were all so funny, and it was full of others enjoying their girls' weekend in Nashville. If you're looking for the ultimate fun activity in Nashville, then the Drag Party Bus is truly one for the bucket list.

drag party bus, fun activities in Nashville
drag party bus, fun activities in Nashville
drag party bus, fun activities in Nashville

The drag party bus is one of the most fun activities in Nashville.

Fun Activities in Nashville for the Instagrammers

Not only is Nashville great for partying, but it's such a cute city, with a lot of great spots for taking pictures. Here are some of the most popular spots, as well as some other ones I've found that are worth visiting.

What Lifts You Wing Mural

This may just be the most iconic mural in Nashville. Located in the Gulch, this giant painting of wings is a fun addition to add to your Instagram feed.

Take a Fun Photo Tour

There are a ton of murals, and a ton of fun ways to see them! Rather than going on your own, you can check out one of these unique tours that include exploring the murals in a more interesting way.

Makeready L&L

There are tons of cool bars in Nashville, but we have to say this is certainly one of the coolest. The restaurant and bar features a few different rooms, with special pop up themes that rotate throughout the year. In our case, the entire venue has an Alice in Wonderland theme!

Down the Rabbit Hole, bars for a girls' weekend in Nashville
Down the Rabiit Hole, bars for a girls' weekend in Nashville
Down the Rabbit Hole, bars for a girls' weekend in Nashville

Rare Bird Rooftop

Also located in the Dream Hotel, this rooftop lounge not only has great views, but has a fur coat rental (for free!). Grab some fancy cocktails, put on a fur coat, and enjoy a cozy drink overlooking the city of Nashville.

Rare Bird Rooftop, bars for a girls' weekend in Nashville
Rare Bird Rooftop, bars for a girls' weekend in Nashville
Rare Bird Rooftop, bars for a girls' weekend in Nashville
Rare Bird Rooftop, bars for a girls' weekend in Nashville

Fun Activities in Nashville for Culture & History

Nashville isn't just fun and games. It actually has a ton of history, and a lot to see! Here are a few of the top sites to check out around the city.

Country Music Hall of Fame

Nashville is known as the country music capital, making the Country Music Hall of Fame a must if you're a country fan! It's open from 9 am to 5 pm, but tickets should be purchased in advance, and start at $30 for adults.

Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery

This site is a 2-in-1, as it is a historical site and winery. Back in the 1800's it was used a thoroughbred horse farm for the Kentucky Derby. Now you can enjoy tours wine tastings, and their onsite restaurant.


Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman Auditorium is a national historic landmark that served as the Grand Ole Opry. Now it is opened for tours from 9 am to 4 pm, and is one of the top sites for tourism in the city of Nashville. We suggest getting tickets for Ryman Auditorium in advance, as it is a very popular destination.

Belmont Mansion

This mansion is a historic site and museum that is definitely worth checking out if you want to do something a little different in Nashville. Built in 1853, it was originally a summer home for Joseph and Adelicia Acklen, with a total of 36 stunning rooms.

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Fun Activities in Nashville for the Foodies

Nashville is a true foodies paradise! You could easily spend a full week just bar and restaurant hopping. Not only that, but there are specialized food tours, cooking classes, and other culinary experiences in Nashville for foodies to enjoy.

Restaurant Hop in The Gulch

Second to Broadway, the Gulch is the second most popular neighborhood in Nashville. It's the more upscale area, with boutique hotels, rooftop bars, and trendy restaurants. We have quite a few recommendations for eateries that are here, which you can check out in our food & drink section.

Take a Cooking Class

We love cooking, and always try to fit at least one cooking class on our itinerary! Here are a few fun culinary workshops you can check out while you're in Nashville:

Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ Experience

This tour brings the best of Nashville in one cool culinary tour. You'll be taken to a distillery, taste craft beer at a local brewery, and you'll stop at a Nashville smokehouse for lunch, trying incredible barbecue.

Other Fun Activities in Nashville for a Girls' Weekend

This city has such a variety of things to enjoy for a girls' weekend in Nashville. While we've shared quite a few already, here are a few more fun activities in Nashville!

Pole Dance & Meditation Experience

Looking for something a bit different? The Pole Dance & Meditation Experience brings women together to meditate, stretch, and connect with a fun 1 and a half hour class with The Love Shack.

Boutique Shopping & Bar Cart Tour

Ride around like a fashionista in your very own golf cart! On the Boutique Shopping & Bar Cart Tour your guide will bring you to the cutest boutique shops in Nashville, as well as some fun bars so you can shop, drink, and ride in style.

Brewery & Distillery Cart Tour

Another fun golf cart tour is a bit more fitting for those that maybe aren't too into shopping, but that want to experience the bar scene. This tour includes four of Nashville’s top breweries and distilleries on a two-hour golf cart tour.

2 Hour Bar Cart Crawl

This is another unique bar hopping experience, but with a golf twist! The 2 hour Bar Cart Tour starts with mini golf game, and then brings you with your golf cart to different bars around the city.

Getting Around Nashville

Now that you know all of the fun activities in Nashville, let's go over how to get around the city!

Is Nashville a Walkable City for Tourists?

The downtown area of Nashville is very walkable! In fact, we highly suggest trying to walk as much as possible during your visit, especially if the weather permits.

There are a few fun activities outside Broadway, so if you plan on doing those then you won't really be able to rely solely on traveling by foot. However, you can easily grab an Uber or take the bus for the most affordable option.

Do You Need a Car in Nashville?

If you plan on doing mostly partying for your girls' weekend in Nashville, then a car won't really be necessary. If you're staying near broadway, you can easily walk to most places, and then use Uber to go to some of the fun activities in Nashville outside of the center.

However, if you're looking to do a bigger variety of activities without drinking much, or are staying several days in Nashville and want to explore the outskirts of the city, then renting a car will definitely be more cost efficient and easy. 

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Fun Activities in Nashville: Eating & Drinking

By this point in the article, we're sure you may have noticed that some of the most fun activities in Nashville are revolved around eating and drinking. So here are some of the highlights.

What Food is Nashville Famous For?

Nashville is known for some of its southern comfort food. Here are some of the foods we suggest you trying:

  • Hot Chicken: spicy and fried - this is a Nashville staple!
  • Hush Puppies: small and savory deep fried balls
  • Catfish: a popular fish that is typically served blackened, grilled, or fried
  • Crawfish: small crustaceans 
  • Gumbo: a hearty stew often made with sausage and chicken, or shrimp
  • Jambalaya: a savory rice dish with cajun spices
  • Alligator: typically served fried and in small bites
food in Nashville

Nashville is known for its comfort food.

Fun Restaurants & Bars in Nashville

We could easily make an entire post of bars and restaurants in Nashville! But in the meantime, we'll list some of our personal favorites:

  • White Limozeen: Dolly Parton's bar that is perfectly pink with a pool and rooftop
  • Hattie B's: the best fried chicken in town - with a few different locations
  • Robert's Western World: one of the most traditional bars in the heart of Broadway known for their bologne sandwiches
  • Kid Rock's: bar and restaurant with several levels and live music
  • Jason Aldean's: 4 levels of live music, sports, a rooftop bar, and a gift shop
  • Rare Bird: cool rooftop bar with fur coat rentals inside the Dream Hotel
  • Makeready L&L: a restaurant inside the Dream hotel that offers unique popups (it was Alice & Wonderland themed when we went)
  • Bobby Hotel Rooftop Lounge: a cool rooftop bar with a pool and igloos in the wintertime
  • Fenwick's 300: a cute diner with incredible food & drinks
Jason Aldean's, fun activities in Nashville

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Is Nashville Safe?

Overall, Nashville is a pretty safe city, and tourists won't have anything to worry about in terms of safety. The downtown area is always well-lit, with plenty of people around, and it's totally okay to walk around at night.

People in Nashville are very friendly, and we found that due to the atmosphere, there weren't really any fights or bad vibes anywhere! 

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Other Things to Know About Visiting for a Girls' Weekend in Nashville

Now you know all of the fun activities in Nashville, how to get around, and all of the basics for a girls' weekend in Nashville. But don't go anywhere yet! Here are a few final things to keep in mind.

Weather in Nashville

Despite being in the south, Nashville does experience all 4 seasons, with a humid subtropical climate. Winters are typically pretty mild though, and it's not very often that it snows. 

We visited in February, and the days were sunny and warm enough to have a light jacket, but at night the temperatures dipped down and became very cold. Summers are very sunny and hot, with high humidity.

What is the Best Month to Visit Nashville?

The best months to visit Nashville for ideal weather are in early spring and late fall. We suggest March and April or October and November. This makes for a perfectly warmer getaway, without it being overbearingly hot.

What is the Dress Code for Nashville, Tennessee?

We saw a variety of clothing styles in Nashville. However, the most popular dress code for the city seemed to be sundresses with cowboy boots and hats. 

As the city is pretty sunny and warm, we suggest bringing light and trendy clothing that you can dress up or down, with nice sandals. This way you can be dress appropriately for the trendy rooftops, but also be comfortable bar hopping or doing different fun activities in Nashville.

Packing For Girls' Weekend in Nashville

Here are some of the things we would suggest bringing with you on your trip:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Reusable Water Bottle (we use this water bottle from Cafago because it holds the temperature)
  • Nice sandals
  • Light and casual sundresses (for the day time)
  • Nicer clothing (for rooftops or chic bars)
  • Power Bank (we use Anker power banks, as they are super long lasting and sturdy)
  • Travel Adapter if you come from outside the US (we use Insignia travel adapters as they are affordable and reliable)