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Island Road Trip: 7 Things to Know About Car Rental in Cyprus

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Having a car rental in Cyprus is a great way to get around the island, and something we highly recommend, But driving in a new country can be scary. Roads, rules, and weather conditions vary greatly around the world. That's why we're here to share what we've learned through our travels.

Let's get ready to explore all this great island has to offer! But first, here are 7 things we learned during our car rental in Cyprus.

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1. Renting a Car is the Best Way to Get Around Cyprus

While there is public and private transportation throughout the island, we found that having a rental car in Cyprus was a game changer. There are so many great places to see in Cyprus, and a lot of those that are a little more difficult to get to without a car.

Having a car will give you the ability to see more in less time, and have the flexibility to run on your own schedule. Not only that, but some of the most stunning views we saw were located randomly along the coast. With a car it meant we could stop and enjoy those places. Whereas without a car it wouldn't have been possible.

hidden gems in Cyprus

Having a car rental in Cyprus allows you to reach hidden gems throughout the island like this abandoned airplane outside of Nicosia.

2. Car Rentals in Cyprus Can be Done at the Airport, or in the Cities

While some places only have car rentals at the airport, there are plenty of offices throughout the island. You can rent a car from Paphos or Larnaca Airport, or go to one of the car rentals in the cities of Limassol or Nicosia.

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3. Car Rentals at the Airport Take No Time

When we got our rental car from Paphos Airport it was quick and painless. The airport is very small and there are quite a few companies that offer rental cars. Picking the car up, and dropping it off were pretty seamless experiences. The ease of renting a car really makes it a no brainer when comparing it to using public transportation.

You can easily do a local car rental in Cyprus's main airports below:

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Car Rental in Cyprus Pin
Car Rental in Cyprus Pin
Car Rental in Cyprus Pin

4. They Drive on the Left Side

Something that we did not know until we arrived in Cyprus is that they drive on the left side of the road. Just like the electrical outlets, the British still have quite some influence in the country, and driving is in fact one of them. Make sure that you are extra cautious driving if you usually drive on the right side of the road.

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5. The Majority of Cars are Manual

Just like most other European countries, manual cars are much more common to come by, and they are also much cheaper. However, if you would like to drive an automatic car, it is still possible. Just make sure to specify beforehand with the rental company, and be ready to fork out a bit more.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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6. The Road Conditions are Smooth

We've rented cars in a lot of places, and many where the road conditions are not ideal. We're happy to say that Cyprus is not one of those places. The island is very well paved, and pretty easy to navigate.

Car rental in Cyprus

Many beaches are easily reached by paved roads in Cyprus.

7. Rental Cars in Cyprus Can't Go Everywhere

Another thing that we learned upon arrival to the car rental in Cyprus is that despite being a small country, it really is divided. The larger part of the island is Greek, while the northern part of the island was invaded by the Turks.

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Rental companies on the Greek side won't allow their cars to cross over to the Turkish side. So if you plan on crossing over the border, you will need to keep your car parked on the Greek side, and then get a taxi over to the Turkish side. 

Where you can drive in Cyprus

The yellow line divides the south (Greek side) from the north (Turkish side).

Honestly, the majority of the touristic areas on the island are found on the Greek side of the island. So you may not even have plans to visit the Turkish side at all (we didn't end up going). However, if you do have extra time and really want to explore more off-the-beaten path spots, then just remember you won't be able to take the car with you.

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Renting a car in Cyprus is definitely our favorite way to see all that this Mediterranean island has to offer. The ease of renting and flexibility that it gives you is enough in itself. 

We've attached a local rental company that works in Cyprus:

Now that you're ready for your car rental in Cyprus, let's check out all of the awesome spots to explore! Make sure to check out our other related articles below, to see the best that this island country has to offer.

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