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10 Awesome Ideas for What to Do in Paphos, Cyprus

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Paphos is definitely one of the best places to visit in Cyprus. Located on the west end of the island it is home to one of the two main airports on the island.

Characterized by glistening turquoise waters and jaw-dropping cliffs, it's no wonder tourists flock to Paphos Cyprus. The city center is full of great restaurants, bars, and shops, while there are stunning spots of natural beauty surrounding it.

Wondering exactly what to do in Paphos? Well we've got you covered. From waterfalls and baths, to ruins and archaeological sites, beaches and cliffs to awesome nightlife, there is something for everyone. Here are ten epic things to do while in Paphos, Cyprus

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Where is Paphos?

Cyprus is a small island in Europe that tends to get overlooked. Despite many people thinking it is a Greek island, it is in fact its own country!

The island of Cyprus is located in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Turkey. It is actually just under 300 km from Syria and Lebanon heading East as well. Despite it's proximity to the Middle East, the island is really much more Mediterranean in nature.

where is Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos is located on the south west of the island of Cyprus.

How to Get to Paphos, Cyprus

The easiest way to visit Paphos, Cyprus is by air. It is just a short flight from GreeceTurkey, Israel, Jordan, and many other countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Ryanair  operates extremely cheap flights to Paphos for as low as 10 euros!

Cities that fly into Paphos include Aarhus, Athens, Beauvais, Berlin, Birmingham, Bristol, Brussels, BudapestChania, Charleroi, Cologne, DublinEdinburgh, Exeter, Gdansk, Katowice, Kaunas, Krakow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Memmingen, Riga, Rome, Sofia, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Zagreb.

Another option to visit Paphos is to fly into Larnaca, and then it is just an hour and a half away by car. 

Want to book your transfer to Paphos from Larnaca? Here are the different options:

Larnaca to Paphos

Entry Requirements to Visit Cyprus

When it comes to entry requirements for entering Cyprus, things have been changing everyday. We visited back in August 2021, so we will share what the requirements at the time were, as well as what the new updates are.

Visa Requirements

Cyprus is part of the EU, so whatever rules apply in the other EU countries, also apply for Cyprus. US Citizens can enter visa free to any of the European Union countries for 90 days within a 180 day period, For example, if you have spent 2 months in Italy (which is part of the EU), you could then spend up to a month total in Cyprus without needing a visa.

Many countries fall in the same category as the US for entering Cyprus, as well as the European Union. The countries that don't fall into this category, will in fact need a Schengen Visa. This applies to a lot of countries from AfricaAsia, and the Middle East. If you'd like more detailed information, you can click here.

Covid Entry Requirements to Visit Cyprus

Luckily the restrictions are loosening up in much of EuropeCyprus is now open for travel, and originally was working on a color based system for entry. This means that depending on where you were flying from, would depend on exactly what you would need to enter. Luckily, Cyprus has dropped all requirements for Covid related restrictions.

Local Adjustments

Cyprus is a country that is quite interesting for its local adjustments, as it is actually influenced by multiple countries. Here are a few important things to know when visiting Cyprus.


The official language in the majority of Cyprus is Greek. There is actually a small part of the island in the North that divides from the Greek part, and was taken over by Turks. In that area you will actually find that people speak Turkish. English is pretty widely spoken throughout the island as a second language, with the exception of the smaller villages and older generations.


The official currency in Cyprus is the Euro. Because the laws have been suspended in the North part of the country, the Turkish part of the country actually uses the Turkish Lira. However, the euro is still the most widely used currency, and can still be seen on the Turkish area as well.


This one is a little bit different than you'd probably be expecting. Although Cyprus is part of the EU, this is where they are actually more influenced by the UK. Make sure to remember to bring an adapter with you, as the plugs in Cyprus are the three pronged outlets like those in the United Kingdom.

Water Potability

The water is completely safe to drink on the island. While it is custom to drink bottled water in restaurants, there isn't any problem ordering the tap water instead.

Tipping Culture

Tipping is not typical in the culture of Cyprus. If you feel like you've gotten very great service, you can simply round up to the nearest euro, or leave up to an extra 5% of the bill.

What to Do in Paphos, Cyprus

Now that you know the basics, here are all of the great things to do in Paphos.

What to Do in Paphos #1: Take in the Views of Petra Tou Romiou

Petra Tou Romiou is one of the most iconic formations on the island of Cyprus. Also known as Aphrodite's Rock, it is located on the beautiful coastline right outside of Paphos. The immense rocks scattered throughout the turquoise waters are truly breathtaking.

You can enjoy the vista from above by stopping at the viewpoint, or head down to explore one of the best beaches in Cyprus. You can spend hours basking in the sun, swimming in the cool waters, or climbing the great rock formations.

Petra Tour Romiou things to do in Paphos Cyprus

What to Do in Paphos #2: Catch the Sunset at Peyia Sea Caves

The Sea Caves of Peyia are seriously one of our favorite spots in all of Cyprus. While the island boasts various impressive rock formations, we think this is the most stunning. 

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The area of the Sea Caves has a trail winding through the coast right outside of Paphos. It has natural caves, rock bridges, and amazing swimming areas. The rocks are smooth and great for relaxing on while admiring the spectacular scenery around.

We suggest heading here in the afternoon to enjoy the various areas, as well as catching the most magical sunset.

Sea Cliffs of Paphos Cyprus

What to Do in Paphos #3: Take a Dip in the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous places to visit on the island of Cyprus. Just like the Blue Lagoon of Malta, this area is home to some of the bluest waters you'll ever see. The bay is surrounded by beautiful rocky formations, and dotted with dozens of boats. 

Located just an hour north of Paphos, it makes for the perfect day trip.

Want to visit the Blue Lagoon? The best way is to take a tour there. Here are a few great ones:

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What to Do in Paphos #4: Hike Through the Avakas Gorge

Want a little more adventure on your visit to Paphos, Cyprus? Well, Avakas Gorge is the perfect place for those who like hiking. Avakas Gorge is a 5 mile roundtrip trail winding between limestone walls.

Make sure to bring a pair of sneakers (or better- water shoes) to climb through this magnificent landscape, and a swimsuit in case you want to take a dip in the river.

Avakas Gorge, things to do in Paphos Cyprus

Avakas Gorge is a great place to go hiking in Cyprus.

Want to visit Avakas Gorge and some other great places in the area? Here are some excursions that you can sign up for:

What to Do in Paphos #5: Visit the Edro iii Shipwreck

Right next to the sea caves of Peyia is the Edro iii Shipwreck. The cargo ship ended up here when it was leaving from Limassol to Rhodes in 2011.

The accident that happened is now a great point of interest on the island. You can enjoy the waters surrounding, or grab something to eat at the restaurant. It's the perfect spot to have a meal with the beautiful ship as your backdrop.

Shipwreck Edro iii- things to do in Paphos Cyprus

Not only is the wreck a site to see, but there are also some caves below along the beach. Spend a while here and enjoy photographing this great Instagrammable spot on Cyprus.

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What to Do in Paphos #6: Cool Off in Adonis Baths Waterfalls

Paphos may be known for the beautiful beaches that surround it, but head a little inland and you will find another beautiful spot to take a dip. Adonis Baths are just a little outside of Paphos. The Adonis Baths have a museum, giant statue, and two different waterfalls to visit.

The falls are small but beautiful, and one has a rope swing to play around a bit. The turquoise waters are extra cold, making them the perfect spot to cool off on a hot summer's day.

Adonis Baths in Paphos Cyprus

Adonis Baths are the perfect place to cool off in the heat.

Want to explore Adonis Baths and some other great places nearby? Here are some fun tours to take:

What to Do in Paphos #7: Check Out the Archaeological Sites

While the island of Cyprus is known for it's gorgeous nature, there is also so much history to dive into.

One of the most important archaeological sites in the country is the Paphos Archeological Site. Located right in the city of Paphos, the park contains a major part of the Greek and Roman city, and has even been declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Paphos Archeological Park is open in the summer from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, and in the winter from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Tickets are 4.50, and the park is open daily.

Another impressive historical attraction in the area of Paphos is the Tombs of the Kings. This excavated site features a group of underground tombs dating back to the 4th century BC, and also has been titled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tombs of the Kings is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, and tickets are just 3 euros.

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Want to take a tour that includes the Archaeological Park and more historical spots? Here are a few tours you can check out:

What to Do in Paphos #8: Relax at Pissouri Bay

Pissouri Bay is another one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus, and is just a half hour from Paphos towards Limassol. The beach is known for its golden sand and small colorful pebbles in it's turquoise waters. The crescent shaped bay is surrounded by cliffs and dotted with white washed buildings, making it one of the most Instagrammable spots in Cyprus.

Want to go Scuba Diving at Pissouri Bay? Book your tour below!

What to Do in Paphos #9: Explore by Buggie

This is a fun option for those who don't plan on renting a car. Buggies are available for rental all over Paphos and can be taken as an excursion for a day or even by the hour. This is a fun way to be able to explore some of the great spots that surround the city of Paphos.

Want to sign up for a buggy excursion? Here are some fun tours that you can sign up for:

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What to Do in Paphos #10: Have an Authentic Cypriot Dinner

If it's one thing that you can't miss out on in Cyprus it's the local cuisine. Koutourou Ouzeri is right in the heart of Paphos, and may just have been one of the best meals we've ever had. The dishes are fresh and flavorful boasting insanely delicious Mediterranean flavors

Beautifully lit with indoor and outdoor seating, this spot is extremely popular with locals and gets pretty packed. We definitely recommend getting a reservation here so that you don't miss out!

restaurant to go if you visit Cyprus

Koutourou Ouzeri is one of the best restaurants in Paphos.

What to Do in Paphos for Getting Around

Our number one recommendation for getting around Paphos, Cyprus is by car! The island may not be big, but there is really so much to explore. Getting a car will truly give you a lot of flexibility, as well as allow you to visit more in less time.

Driving in Cyprus

We absolutely loved driving in Cyprus. The roads are very easy to navigate, and the majority are all very well paved. Most attractions are pretty close, so you never have to drive more than a couple hours to reach anywhere, even from Paphos. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when renting a car in Cyprus, which is why we wrote a full article on it.

Public Transportation

Buses are far and few between on the island. You can use them a bit inside the city of Paphos. So if you want to get around this way, we suggest booking tours to really be able to see what the area has to offer.

Taxis & Uber

Uber is not available in Cyprus, so taxis are the only option for private transportation, However, there is an app called CABCY that you can download for slightly cheaper fares.


These are a great option for those that want a day or two of adventure. Buggies are available for rental all over Paphos, and can be taken by the hour, for a day, or on a tour. The option is pricier, but is super fun and adventurous.

What to Do in Paphos for Food & Drink

The food in Cyprus is some of the best you will ever have! It is very similar to Greek cuisine, and includes a lot of fresh ingredients, delicious olive oil, and sugary desserts. Here are a few of our favorite things to eat in Paphos.

Local Cuisine

The flavors of Cyprus are a full Mediterranean dream. The food is light, healthy, and bursting with flavor. Here are just a few of our favorite foods to try on the island.

Mezze: An assortment of small platters, which is a set menu priced per person

Spanakopita: A mix of feta and spinach stuffed inside of a flaky pastry. 

Gyros: A warm pita stuffed with shaved meat, drizzled with Tzatziki sauce and stuffed with fries 

Seafood: Everything from fresh catches to plates of shellfish

Baklava: Layers of thin and flaky phyllo dough layered with honey and walnuts

Cypriot gyro
Mezze in Cyprus

Cyprus has very similar food to Greek Cuisine.

The Best Restaurant in Paphos: Koutourou Ouzeri

The dinner we had at this restaurant may just have been one of the best meals we've ever had. The place was absolutely packed- and we almost didn't get a table. We definitely recommend getting a reservation here so that you don't miss out!

Located in the center of Paphos, Koutourou Ouzeri is beautifully lit up at night, and serves traditional Cypriot cuisine. We had it recommended to us by local friends, and seriously can't recommend it enough!

Is Paphos Safe?

Cyprus is a very safe island, especially on the Greek side. We felt completely relaxed walking around solo, or at night. The people are super warm and friendly, so we know you will feel just as safe as we did while we were there.

Other Things to Know for Visiting Paphos, Cyprus

Now that you know almost everything you need to know to visit Paphos, Cyprus, we have just a few more details to share.

Weather & When To Visit Paphos, Cyprus

As the island of Cyprus is a bit closer to the Middle East than the majority of Europe, the weather is a definitely much warmer there. Summers are super hot, and even winter doesn't get very cold. Spring and Autumn are still warm enough for beach days here and there, and are the perfect times to enjoy the sunshine and landscapes while escaping the crowds.

If you like more parties, then you should head to Paphos in the summer, but if you like a more relaxed environment and fewer crowds, then the winter is a better time for this island getaway.

We personally think that the shoulder months of October and November or March and April are perfect because there is still plenty of sunshine, but it isn't peak season. At the end of the day though, there really is never a bad time to visit Cyprus!

sunrise in Cyprus

Packing to Visit Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos has a lot to offer when it comes to landscapes. Some of the things you'll definitely need here are a swim suit, sunscreen, and a towel to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

Enjoy the island vibes and grab casual clothing during the day, and maybe some nicer clothes (but not too fancy) for later in the evenings. Don't forget a UK travel adapter for your electronics. Also, if you have a GoPro this is also a great place to bring it!

Pink Dot Thessaloniki Greece

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Paphos, Cyprus is an incredible city, and boasts some amazing natural landscapes around it. We spent just a couple of days there, but we highly suggest spending at least 3 or 4 days in this hotspot. 

Want to know other awesome places in Cyprus? We have a few more guides for you to check out!

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